Sunday, June 16, 2019


A horror story from Brazil, via Mail Online:

PUBLISHED: 08:41 BST, 16 June 2019 | UPDATED: 09:23 BST, 16 June 2019

A Brazilian mother and her lesbian lover are accused of ripping off her nine-year-old son's penis before beheading him because he reminded her of her dad.

Rosana Candido, 27, and Kacyla Pessoa, 28, also allegedly sewed a fake female sex organ onto the body because he 'wanted to be a girl' before scraping the boy's skin off his face.

They also tried to gouge out his eyes using a knife after mother Candido stabbed her son Rhuan a dozen times.

The child was killed and mutilated at their home in Samambaia, about 20 miles from the capital Brasilia.

The mother ran away with the boy after her father, who lives in Acre, near Peru, lost custody five years ago.

A few quick points:

* the sheer horror of this crime is probably (hopefully) an indicator of it being a statistical outlier. Nevertheless, as LGBT groups worldwide have gone in the offensive to legalize gay marriage and gay adoption, eagerly assisted by leftist and green politicians, expect more of this.

* Since the father lost custody, it may be safely assumed that in Brazil, as elsewhere, courts are stacked dramatically against men.

* As the boy 'wanted to be a girl', one can only imagine the sheer ferocity of the anti-male sentiment to which the poor creature was subjected on a daily basis.

It is of course true that horrible child abuse happens just as well at the hands of heterosexuals. Nevertheless, these are dangers that are 'known' to a large extent, and subsequently can be 'dealt' with to one degree or another.

It's just that, as if this 'known' spectre of child abuse isn't bad enough, it's simply insane to open up a Pandora box of hitherto even more gruesome molestations at the hands of same sex couples. It may be safely assumed that the existence of a biological bond between parent(s) and child(ren) at the very least provides a modicum of protection - however imperfect in the most terrible of cases - due to the DNA-encoded protective tendencies of parents vs offspring.

When a kind of relationships are promoted whereby even that barrier against child abuse is not present, expect big trouble. Yes, in this horrible case there was a relationship mother-son... but not one between Rhuan and the lesbian lover.

In 2010, the 4th Class of Brazil's Superior Court of Justice of Brazil ruled unanimously that same-sex couples have the right to adopt children. Three years later, the Justice's National Council of Brazil, in a 14 to 1 vote, legalized same-sex marriage in the entire country.

And so, in Brazil as elsewhere, as time-tested unions between men and women - however imperfect in some or even many cases - as the best place to raise children in safety are being demolished by a Left that has completely lost its collective mind, expect more abuse of the weakest among us and, as this case illustrates, sometimes even downright horrors.

Prayers are asked for Rhuan.


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