Tuesday, June 18, 2019


Gang violence in France by Jean-Marie, Louis, Xavier, Marie-Hélène, François, Isabelle, Loïc, Hervé and, whooooooooops, sorry, got that list from the Eurovision Song Festival, forget it okay? Anyway, via Filip Dewinter's twitter account:

Via NEE TEGEN MSM, London in the Year of Our Lord 2019 under the reliable stewardship of mayor Sad Dick Khan:

A screenshot from Fouad Boussetta's twitter account showing a cute lineup of muslim first graders on the way to school in the UK:

In The Netherlands, anti-islam activist Edwin Wagensveld from PEGIDA Nederland, was attacked physically when he was distributing flyers near the al-fourqaan mosque in Eindhoven. Watch how our peaceful muslim co-citizens interpret a concept like freedom of expression:

Freedom of speech, this Turk gets it!!! The future of Europe is bright!!!

Progress!!! More immigration please!!!


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