Wednesday, December 08, 2010


Last Monday, December 6, the City Council of Strasbourg, France, allowed the building promotors of the Strasbourg mosque to add a 30-meter high minaret to the mosque currently under construction, and scheduled to open in 2011. Below you see the dome, which at the time of writing is finished.


Gien is a town of about 16,000 one hundred kilometers south of Paris, on the Loire river. A beautiful bridge spans the river, and Gien is famous for its porcelain, "Faience de Gien", which finds its origin in a factory founded there in 1821 by an Englishman, Thomas Hall.

Very soon, Gien will be 'famous' for something entirely different:


Giens Moroccan mosque is scheduled to be ready in 2011. It's indeed called the 'moroccan mosque' - the builders insist on naming it like that.

It should be noted that Morocco forbids the moroccan nationality to Christians, that a moroccan woman has no right to marry a Christian, that every moroccan emigrant (even those of the third generation and born outside of Morocco) is considered a subject of the king of morocco. Double nationality does not exist in Morocco. Article 220 of the moroccan penal code stipulates that proselytizing christianity in the kingdom is strictly forbidden.

I have very little hope left for France. The country seems not so much to submit to islam as well as to embrace it, and this despite the ongoing harrassment committed each and every day by muslim youths against the indigenous population at large, and despite the now close to 300,000 cars torched by them since 2005.

France is paralysed, dazed, seemingly completely unable to make a stand anymore. The right in France, or what passes for it, is com-ple-te-ly fragmentized and powerless.

The curious, or perhaps not so curious conclusion to be reached with regards to indigenous European resistance to islamization is that it is strongest in Germanic countries. Not in Scandinavian countries (with the exception of Denmark) where the individual, because of the omnipresent semi-totalitarian state, is both kept subdued by the grip of the state, and left in the dark by the extreme leftist media.

Certainly not in southern Europe which is displaying even less resistance than France. Spain e.g. has even less to show than the token resistance of a few isolated Frenchmen and -women.

It is in the Germanic countries, to which we, for the sake of the argument, can count the UK, that resistance will be strongest, and most bloody. At international counterjihad events the delegates invariably come from these countries, with a surprising number of them from the smaller states: The Netherlands, Denmark, and my own Belgium. The distinction Germanic determination/Latin passivity is even apparent in the latter, since French-speaking Wallonia has no counterpart to a Filip Dewinter of the Vlaams Belang. Indeed, what passes there for anti-islamization forces is a weak shadow of the fragmentized semi-rightist resistance in the bigger francophone mother country, France itself.

Of those Germanic countries, it's actually Belgium, The Netherlands, the UK and Denmark that are most often in the spotlights with regards to resistance to islamization. Germany, not so much. This has probably a lot to do with the fact that of all muslim populations in Europe, if you got to have them, it's probably best to have Turks, and indeed, where the UK has Pakis, France, Belgium and The Netherlands moroccans, Germany has Turks more than anything else. Their labor ethic, while small compared to indigenous Germans themselves, is still far bigger than that of moroccans. They also show a tad more respect for the law than their co-religionists from the Rif.

But Germans should not be underestimated. Even though by and large they still have less trouble inflicted upon their society than in neighboring countries, the average German has a clearer understanding of the muslim problem than his fellow Europeans. Indeed, two in five Germans see islam as a threat, as they should.

This is why I think that when the shooting begins, it will be the bloodiest and most merciless in Germany. And may their Allah help the muslims then.


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