Friday, December 10, 2010


Chilling news over at Sarah's Albion Blog, who has a story about yet another racist murder case against Afrikaners (White South Africans, numbering about three million in a population of 50m).


First there's the case of Marthie Erasmus, a 63-year old farmer's wife from Koster, Moedwil District, in South Africa's North West Province. On 2 December, she was tied to her bed by black attackers and bludgeoned to death with a 16-pound sledgehammer. Her man, Chris Erasmus, also 63, was tied to a stool and severely beaten. As by wonder he survived however, and managed to free himself after the murderers left the house.

I don't want to imagine the scene of Mr. Erasmus going to his bedroom and finding the wreckage of what was once his wife.


Marthie Erasmus was an utterly decent farmer's wife and mother. She had her share of difficulties - she was a cancer survivor - and deserved, after a lifetime of hard work, to have a pleasant and joyful old day with her husband Chris, her children and grandchildren. That won't be no more.

No less horrifying is the fate of the Potgieter family of the Free State (Oranje Vrijstaat, SA). Attie Potgieter, a fortyish farmer, was either hacked to death with a machete or shot. As for the fate of his wife Wilna and their three year old daughter Willemien there's less ambiguity. They were dispatched, execution style, with a bullet in the head.


Look at the lovely Willemien, and ask yourself what kind of a mind the animal who could shoot this little girl through the head must have.

The biggest mistake white South Africans ever made was abolishing Apartheid. Or, more precisely, to abolish it far too soon. I have never been able to comprehend why it was so cool in western countries to lambast the Apartheid regime, while all across Africa the overwhelming majority of blacks had it far worse under their own rulers. The education budget per capita for white children in Apartheid South Africa may have been ten times more than for black children, but I would be willing to see how that amount compared to the education budget per capita in black Africa - I bet it was still far more.

I want to repeat again that a perpetually continuing Apartheid was not justified or even desired. It was not. It should have disappeared but ... in time.

In time, when a sufficiently big black population could be trusted to provide the country with a critical mass of sufficiently educated citizens. Giving power to hordes of illiterate half-crazed bushmen who defecated in ditches and fucked like rats was NEVER going to work... and South Africa pays the price now.

The complicity of the Left is enormous, like in basically everything that goes wrong in this world. Black African nations that followed the good path, like Botswana under President Seretse Khama (later Sir Seretse Khama) and Cote d'Ivoire, under President Felix Houphouet-Boigny, were never taken as an example. The former's stewardship of Botswana's economy made it something of an African tiger, its economic growth outpacing any country in the world between 1966 and 1980. Instead communist motherfuckers like Mugabe and Mandela were given an almost angelic status and got away with just about everything.

My father visited Zimbabwe in the early nineties - inertia had not yet washed away the accomplishments of White Rhodesians - and he was really impressed at finding a modern prosperous state in the heart of what we have forever known as the Dark Continent.

You don't want to look at Zimbabwe's state today. And the White Rhodesians are pretty much extinct.

I still hope that South Africa will escape the fate of its northern neihbor. But I fear it won't.


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