Tuesday, December 07, 2010


Currently, in Israel a summit is taking place on islamic terrorism and the strategy, or srategies, to combat it. A delegation of the EFA (European Freedom Alliance, an organization of European rightwing and nationalistic parties) is present. Among them participants from Germany, Austria, Belgium, The Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark. The conference started on Sunday, December 5, with a press meeting in Ashkelon and a colloquium in that city's Academic College. For Austria, there was, amongst others, Heinz-Christian Strache, Chairman of the FPO. For Germany, there was René Stadtkewitz (Die Freiheit). And for Belgium, the Vlaams Belang's Filip Dewinter and Frank Creyelmans.

Between 10 and 12, the colloquium took place, and the rather cumbersome title of the subject was "legal aspects of military retaliation, as ordered by a sovereign state against terrorist acts by islamic fundamentalists." Among those present were Ashkelon's mayor Benny Vaknin as well as a representative of Manhigut-Yehudit, a Likud faction. Between 13.30h and 14.30h, the group visited Ashkelon city. From 14.30h to 16.30h, the delegation visited the border region between Israel and the Gaza Strip, paid a visit to Israeli troops there, and was briefed by a high-ranking officer. Between 17h and 18h, the delegation was received by the mayor of Sderot David Buskila and walked thereafter through the town center, site of the most numerous rocket attacks launched from the Gaza Strip.

In the two subsequent days, contrary to what most of the Belgian press reported, Filip Dewinter, in Belgium since decades on the receiving end of intense smear and hate campaigns by the politically correct elites and their lackeys in the press, was received in the Knesset.

This is very important, for it shows that in Israel itself, the nazi allegations are now considered baseless - which is what they have always been. In Belgium, Dewinter is still treated like filth - but in Israel they now better by now.

Nothing illustrates this better than the following photos:


Filip Dewinter with an MK (Member of Knesset) for Shas, an ultra-orthodox government party.


Filip Dewinter and Ayoob Kara, Likud MK and Deputy Minister for the Development of the Negev and Galilee.

During either the colloquium or the Knesset visit, Dewinter had this to say:

"Israel finds itself on the frontline of the battle between the Free West and radical islam. Israel is partly fighting our battle against islamic fundamentalism and terrorism. Given that Israel is the vanguard of the Free West, we must unite our forces and fight together against islamism here and at home."

Now contrast this with the attitude of most European, and especially British politicians these days. Britain, where soldiers and officers who participated in Operation Cast Lead risk to be arrested for "war crimes".

Hat tip François Desouche.


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