Saturday, July 03, 2010


Muse with New Born. Single drawn from the 2001 album Origin of Symmetry.

Singer's Matthew Bellamy.

Vangelis with the theme from Blade Runner. 1982.

Relatively impressive cast in that movie, which is loosely based on a Philip K. Dick novel, although I didn't know at the time who that was. There's Harrison Ford, Sean Young, and Rutger Hauer. Daryl Hannah. The movie wasn't too bad. After all, Ridley Scott directed.

I had actually wanted to have the original by Bob Dylan but helaas plattekaas, no such luck. You'll have to do it with a 1995 Duran Duran cover. Lay Lady Lay. Shoot me.

We end this wonderful night with Bjork's Isobel. Good song, and interesting video btw. Isobel's from the 1995 album Post.

Bjork is actually a quarterwit or worse. What do you want, her dad is a union leader. Well, general nuttiness has never stopped people from making good music.

Good night from among zhe rolling Belgian fields.


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