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Last Saturday, in Anderlecht, one of Brussels' 19 communes, the mayor Of Molenbeek, Philippe Moureaux, married his moroccan sweetheart Latifa Benaicha. Moureaux is a prominent member of the Parti Socialiste (he's chairman of the Brussels Federation). His bride "works" in the cabinet of Brussels Minister-President Charles Picqué (Parti Socialiste).


Moureaux is a notorious socialist cretin and dhimmi, who forbids the Molenbeek Police to eat sandwiches and/or drink coffee in the streets during Ramadan. He has also ordered them not to patrol anymore in the no-go areas, which has resulted in the effective establishment of a mini islamic republic in his commune.

This man is one of the architects of Belgium's "anti-racism" laws, which were primarily tailor-made to harass the Vlaams Belang. In an earlier post I explained that Moureaux is actually a racist himself - never in my life have I heard this scumbag utter one word in Flemish (though it is Flemish money that keeps his fiefdom financially afloat) - but he did follow arabic lessons to be able to converse with his wife and her family. According to moroccan law - and Morocco is actively infiltrating in Belgium and enforcing its laws on Belgium's moroccan community - Moureaux now has to submit a testimony of his conversion to islam, to make the marriage in the bride's country of origin legal. Of course, the scoundrel denies this. However, article 39 of the moudwana (the moroccan marriage legislation) is very clear: a marriage of a muslim woman with a muslim man is not authorised otherwise the marriage will not be recognized.

Philippe Moureaux, traitor, dhimmi, socialist parasite.

It is common "wisdom" to state that the Vlaams Belang is a divisive party since it insists so vehemently on the abolition of the Belgian state and on Flemish independence. However, in my opinion the REAL divisive factor is the Parti Socialiste, which over the course of seventy years has impoverished Wallonia and Brussels. The economic trainwreck that is Belgium's south today is entirely the result of socialist policies, which have pushed probably one and a half million Walloons in a state of permanent state dependency. The money needed for their welfare checks comes for the most part from productive Flanders, via a federal redistribution scheme that ensures that statistically speaking, every Fleming, from the newborn to the centenarian, pays in excess of 2,000 EUR a year to finance the south's social "security".

Mark Steyn not so long ago famously wrote that socialism changes the people themselves. He is right. If you are too long on the government teat, after some time you are effectively unable to fend for yourself. With financial dependence comes moral decadence. This explains why during the recent parliamentary elections, a staggering total of 36% of Walloons voted for the Parti Socialiste - even though that party is so corrupt that if a brief summary of a table of contents of their scandals over the last decade would fall on your foot, you would be incapacitated for six weeks.

The socialists have ruined the states finances, passed legislation that destroys the family (while facilitating forms of marriage that are a travesty of what that institution should be), enabled abortion, and set the doors wide open for uncontrolled mass immigration from (mostly) muslim countries.

Perhaps nothing illustrates the latter point so good as the following video of a moroccan festival in Molenbeek. You do recognize the mustachioed guy on on the posters, right?

Just remember. These images were shot in Brussels, the Capital of Europe.

Courtesy the Parti Socialiste.


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