Friday, September 18, 2009


Heavy riots the last few days in some five Brussels muslim-dominated neighborhoods. Even heavier unrest is expected this weekend since it is the end of ramadan. The situation is so tense that the Vlaams Belang issued a statement that if police is unable to quell the unrest, the Army has to be deployed. The Het Laatste Nieuws caption below reads: "Vlaams Belang wants to temporarily deploy Army in Molenbeek." It is the ONLY reaction thus far from the political front, given the eardeafening silence from the other parties at the umpteenth evidence of the complete and utter failure of their dada, the lovely multicultural society; but at least it is also a very sane reaction.

The following video does not show that much of the rioting, since shot between attacks on a police precinct and because the muslim crowd is not visible in the darkened streets on either side of the crossroads. But the heavy police presence and the water cannon in anticipation of the assault are telling. More fleshing out soon.

Some background on one of the riots from De Standaard, 17 September 2009:

"Police got involved in a fight with Molenbeek youth after the arrest of a fourteen-year old boy. The boy had been challenging and offending the police for several days already. When officers came to arrest him at home at around 7pm in the Vanderstichelenstraat, things went wrong. Several family members vehemently protested and this led quickly to a gathering of a twenty-strong group around the police officers. When the crowd started throwing stones, the officers withdrew with the young suspect to the precinct in the Brievendragerstraat.

After a short while the boy's family appeared, this time accompanied by a group of around sixty. A riot ensued and a number of youths started to pelt the precinct with stones. In the turmoil, family members of the young criminal had to flee and two officers of Brussels Zone West got hurt. One of them was wounded at the leg, the other one received an uppercut.

Brussels West Police received reinforcements from other zones and of two water cannons and a Federal Police helicopter. This eased the situation in the streets around the precinct a bit, but a short while later tensions flared up again in Ribeaucourt Street and Leopold II Avenue. There, groups of youths ten and fifteen strong began to challenge the police and run amok. One patrol which had been summoned from Brussels Capital/Elsene for reinforcement was pelted with projectiles, which wounded four officers..."

Below is the testimony of two police officers who complain bitterly that they feel left alone by the mayor. One of them literally says that the mayor (meant is almost certainly Philippe Moureaux of the Parti Socialiste, but the mayors of the other muslim hotbeds are also socialists) has chosen the side of his electorate.

Small wonder of course, since the process of 'soft ethnic cleansing' that takes place EVERYWHERE where the percentage of muslims at some point exceeds a critical level, leads to a percentage of, IIRC, 78% muslims in the commune of Molenbeek.

I pity the few remaining indigenous Belgians in these quarters. Almost certainly the largest part of them are elderly people wit not enough money to buy or build a house elsewhere, and who know DAMN WELL that if they sell their current house, they will get a very bad price for it.

The result is that if they DO sell it... it goes to a muslim family. And so it goes on and on and on...

... until entire neighborhoods and suburbs are almost exclusively muslim.

After which the police is denied entry. Brussels, the Capital of Europe... as a whole, already 25% muslim.

The Belgian Army still has on hand a couple of hundred of these babies, Leopard 1A5 MBTs. Personally, I'd love to see them in Molenbeek's streets to show the scum who's boss.

In the best Belgian tradition however, the more likely outcome will be that the cancer has to rot its way thru far more of our country before we will see such reaction. The Flemish Greens have just issued their remedy: more police officers of Moroccan descent. Yeah right.



Last night, heavy riots again. 43 "youths" arrested. Since it seems the end of ramadan is near (Eid al Fitr on Sunday) the climax is yet to be expected. Isn't it curious that it's getting a tradition that every year the Police is on higher alert during the so-called muslim period of peace?

RTL video below. Check out the fella giving passing police officers the finger(s). No reply from the cops. Why would they? If they arrest the guy, in no time they're faced with a 50-strong crowd popping up from nowhere. Besides, a judge would order him released within seconds.

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