Saturday, July 02, 2005


Last Thursday, June 30, an Iranian delegation of the Consultative Islamic Council, which reportedly is a Majlis-affiliated group, visited the Belgian Parliament. The Majlis is the Iranian "Parliament", or what passes for it anyway. At noon, so it was scheduled, Belgian House Representatives under House Chairman Herman De Croo, would offer their Iranian counterparts, led by Gholamali Haddad Adel, a lunch. This fella must have some weight in Iranian politics, since his daughter is married (off) to the son of Supreme leader Ayatollah al-Khamenei. Poor broad.Gholadude, left, and Herman, right

MFBB is left with the question if the Iranians had to queue at a Belgian frietkot, since the lunch was cancelled. The reason: the Iranians INSISTED no alcohol would be served. Under those circumstances, good ole Herman, on the photo to the left with the Governor of Kakapipistan (I think), had no choice but to scrap the lunch (which, according to evil tongues, would also have included pork meat). Mr. De Croo was quoted as saying:

Herman, left, and Kakapipi dude, right

"I haven’t got demands on paper. But it is true that I was indirectly asked not to serve alcohol."

MFBB thinking Iranians must by now a Low Opinion of the Low Countries have, since last month same problem in Netherlands surfaced. There too, demands the same were and lunch cancelled was. MFBB understanding mullahs not like blowing Dutch "jointje", but not drinking al-cohol? Iranian diplomats not diplomatic are!

Where was I? Oh yeah, the Iranians reportedly had their frieten at "Bij Sonja" (I hope they were cold). Anyway, in the afternoon the caravan came back to Parliament intending to visit the Belgian Senate. A new hurdle presented itself in the person of Mrs. Anne-Marie Lizin, the Senate Chairman, who happens to be a Chairwoman. As some of you may or may not know, male Shiite Muslims are not allowed to shake hands with women.

If you don’t believe me, Big Sis says so too and you will certainly pay more attention to the words of Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani is than to those of Mullah MFBB, don’t you agree? Anyway, them Iranians being good Shiite Muslims, they understandably refused to shake hands with the Lizin woman as well as several female Senate members, after which Mrs. Lizin cancelled talks with the visiting delgation. For a Parti Socialiste chick, she was remarkably succinct when afterwards she declared in a statement:

"Iranians should respect local customs in Belgium."

Mrs. Lizin is indeed a key member of the Parti Socialiste, a party which is a main accomplice in the sealing off from power of the Vlaams Belang party through the so-called Cordon Sanitaire, on the grounds that the Vlaams Belang is racist, xenophobe and against equality. If I tell you that MFBB is a not-so-key-member of the Vlaams Belang, you will probably nod in agreement with Missuz Liza..., erm, Lizin. Anyway, after having offended the Islamic Republic of Iran in such a callous way, I fear we Belgians may soon expect several divisions of Iranian Mujahideen. Luckily there is always the Belgian Army, but in case things get too hot, I hope you americanos can send us 3rd ID to help a bit, okay?

MFBB stole the Herman and Gholadude pic, without permission as customary, from the new The Brussels Journal site, which in the words of fellow blogger Visual Hugo:

...will be an English-Flemish conservative-liberal group blog with a number of writers that earned a considerable amount of credit already in blogging, in journalism, and in politics.

Go pay 'em a visit and say I'm sorry.


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