Friday, July 01, 2005

We've all heard about Sandra Day O'Conner's resignation from SCOTUS, and the likely resignation of Chief Justice Rehnquist to follow soon. Of course, everyone with an ounce of political interest is already going batty with this story, but here's my 2¢:

Bush needs to strap on his balls and put two nuts and bolts conservatives (read: people who can read and understand the constitution) on the bench, period. There should be no talk of deals, moderates, or anything of the sort. Bush and the Republican majority in congress won, and this is the time to act like it. Does anyone really think that John Kerry would be considering moderates to replace O'Conner had he won? I don't care if the government shuts down for a year and Ted Kennedy blows a vein in his forehead; it's time to put the Supreme Court back on track as an interpreter of the constitution, not a fall back for liberals who cant get their policies through the legislature.

When you take a step back, this is one of the most important issues that's going to come before this president; the effects of which will last a long time after Bush is gone. Let's hope he shows some backbone on this one.

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