Saturday, January 11, 2020


Freewill, from the 1980 album Permanent Waves.

If you ever wondered who the beauty on the cover was, it's Canadian model Paula Turnbull.

Marathon, from the 1985 album Power Windows.

Further use of synthesizers, first introduced massively on Signals (1982) and Simmons electronic drums, which Peart first used on Grace under Pressure (1984).

Dreamline, album Roll the Bones (1991).

From the beginning I found the cover art intriguing. It's designed by Hugh Syme, a Canadian Juno Award winning graphic artist. Btw, that's the guy waving in the background on the cover of Permanent Waves.

So... I'm guessing it's Rush no more, although that was effectively the case since 2015 already, when Neil Peart (his real name, as opposed to Geddy Lee who is really Gary Weinrib and Alex Lifeson whose real name is Alex Zivojinovich) stopped on account of severe pain in shoulders and limbs. Pity they never toured in Belgium.

Fair winds, guys. Thanks for close to a half century of great music and thanks for staying normals throughout.

Good night.


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