Friday, September 13, 2019


In which we follow the restoration of a Citroën Traction Avant, the iconic car of the interbellum in Europe!

The legendary Citroën Traction Avant (litterally Front Traction) existed in a wide range of mostly 4-door saloons and executive cars, with four or six-cylinder engines. It was produced by Citroën from 1934 to 1957, and around 760,000 units of all types rolled off assembly lines in France, Belgium, the UK, Germany and Denmark.

The front wheel drive was but one of several quite revolutionary innovations which are still common in modern cars, like four-wheel independent suspension, a crash resistant monocoque body, and rack and pinion steering. Visually too, the car instantly stood out, because of its sleek lines drawn by famed Italian designer Flaminio Bertoni and the fact that its ground clearance was far less than that of contemporaries (because of the absence of a separate chassis underneath):

Isn't she a beauty? This is the Traction Avant 11CV, in which CV stands for "Chevaux fiscaux", or fiscal horsepower. The 11 CV was launched in 1935 and was fitted with the 1,911 cm3 engine. Real horsepower reached a maximum of around 55HP at 3,800 rpm, and maximum torque was 119Nm at 2,000 rpm.


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