Thursday, September 12, 2019


We have dwelled before on multiculti scoundrel Leo Varadkar, soi-disant Taoiseach of Eire.

Ever since that unholy name entered my political vocabulary, I have found myself baffled at the improbability of a man reaching the highest office in a country of which he intends to replace the population in perhaps the most drastic scheme in all of Europe.

Before you watch the following video, it is necessary to understand what the Irish mean by 'Direct Provision':

"Direct Provision (Irish: Soláthar Díreach) is a system of asylum seeker accommodation used in the Republic of Ireland. The system has been criticised by human rights organisations as illegal, inhuman and degrading, while proponents argue that it ensures asylum seekers are housed and cared for, in accordance with international law. The system, operated by the Reception and Integration Agency (RIA) of the Department of Justice and Equality, provides asylum seeker residents with accommodation free of charge and a living allowance.[2] Asylum seekers in Direct Provision are usually entitled to state-funded medical care,[3] and children have full mainstreamed access to the education system."

Got that? "accommodation free of charge", "usually entitled to state-funded medical care". There you are, a cream white Irishman at 60 or 65, having contributed 40 years of your life to social security, obeyed the law, doing your part in society, now looking forward to a meager pension and wondering how to pay the bills and stay healthy. Along comes Varadkar and his many cronies who intend to flood Ireland with up to a million welfare seekers who will get everything for free YOU worked for 4 decades of your life... and these bastards think they can get away with it???

Not so. Seán Kyne is a progressive dodo from Varadkar's traitor party Fine Gael and thought he could ram the construction of yet another Direct Provision Center down the locals' throats in Oughterard, County Galway:

"A Government Minister was booed and heckled as up to 700 people attended a public meeting in Oughterard, Co Galway, on Wednesday, and vowed to fight any plans to provide a direct provision centre in their community.

Speaker after speaker expressed anger at the lack of consultation, information and clarity which they say has fuelled rumours in recent weeks concerning refurbishment works at the Connemara Gateway Hotel in Oughterard, which has been closed for a number of years.

Cllr Tom Welby chaired the meeting on behalf of an ad hoc Facebook group which is campaigning to stop any plans to accommodate asylum seekers in the town.

Cllr Welby said neither he or any of the public representatives attending the meeting, including Minister of State Seán Kyne and TDs Catherine Connolly and Noel Grealish, had knowledge of any plans for the future of the building.

However, Mr Kyne told the angry meeting there was a tender process ongoing in the west to find locations for new asylum seeker centres but that this was under the remit of the Department of Justice and neither he nor his colleagues were privy to information about any applications.

He was booed and heckled when he reminded those assembled that Ireland was obliged under EU and United Nations laws to accept and process anyone who could prove they had fled persecution and injustices in their own country.

Many of the speakers accused the Government of ignoring rural towns such as theirs which had only one doctor for a population of 1,600, full to capacity schools, an intercom instead of a Garda station and a social housing waiting list with no sign of any new schemes being built.

One of the main organisers of the meeting, Patrick Curran, said time and again in the course of the night that if the politicians would not stop the centre, the people would."

A vid from the meeting:

Now if only genuine Irishmen and -women could show as much backbone as these people and throw Fine Gael off the Cliffs of Moher in the next general election, Eire has a chance to survive.


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