Tuesday, April 30, 2019


For the second day in a row, heavy turmoil at a primary school in Schaarbeek, one of the most Culturally Enriched communes of Belgium's capital Brussels. The reason? Yesterday, monday 29 April, a 4 year old schoolgirl's parents found blood in her underwear after school and right away threw a tantrum, claiming their daughter had been sexually assaulted by school staff.

Such was the bruhaha that ensued - with a crowd of over 200 rapidly forming at the school entrance, that authorities found it necessary to medically examine the kid.

What do you know, this morning Police communicated the results of the examination publicly, and the responsible hospital's conclusions were that the blood in the kid's underwear resulted from an infection caused by bad hygiene.

This was not what the Guinese father of the child wanted to hear, and he stated loudly, in front of the accumulated crowd, that he did not accept the results of the medical examination.

Whereupon all hell broke loose. Several Culturally Enriching parents wanted 'justice' and demanded the school be closed and the staff given their pink slip. Most demonstrators were from the Guinese community, but there were also Cultural Enrichers from other countries where the mean IQ is 68.

At around 11.30 this morning parents and demonstrators who kept refusing to accept the conclusions in the medical report started throwing eggs and bottles at the police, which thereupon deployed officers in combat gear.

At 2.15 pm the situation escalated again and police used tear gas to disperse the Cultural Enrichers.

This nice group photo shows the logical endpoint of the successful immigration policies of our moral betters: a multicultural, colourful society where gay formerly catholic whites, Chinese buddhist transgenders and ginger haired lesbians from Eire live peacefully side by side with black muslimas. Progress! Oh yeah, the latter now demand that the school be closed. I am certain that doing so will notch up the IQ of their offspring with at least 5 points per month.

End conclusion: the gullible cream white Belgian taxpayer just coughed up in the neighborhood of possibly 20,000 EUR for mobilizing a medical staff to examine the 4 year old, several police squads including a group in riot gear, tear gas canisters, repairing thrown in school windows, damage to two police vehicles, medical aid for one Cultural Enricher who got wounded in the melée, disrupting traffic and lessons, harassing school staff and what not. From the bottom of my heart: THANK YOU Guinese muslims, you're doin' a mighty foin job of transforming this boring old Belgique into a vibrant progressive example to follow!!!

If you import the Third World, you become the Third World. Wait until the effects of the Marrakesh Pact kick in.


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