Friday, August 11, 2017


Dutch pundit site Geenstijl reports:

"Google affiliate Youtube has tonight, and over the past few weeks, demonitized several channels and videos of popular rightwingsites.

This means that the makers will from now on not earn money anymore (or less) for certain videos they put online, because ads are removed and because advertizers are advised to no longer put pre-rolls with certain creators. Among the demonitizing victims we find Paul Joseph Watson (aka PrisonPlanet), who saw many videos being put 'kaltgestellt' (before he had been thrown off FB), Black Pigeion which lost 90 per cent of its income, and Luke Rudkowski (WeAreChange). Moreover, their videos are more difficult to find and they are no longer recommended. Last day all three of them made protest videos:"

Here's Mark Dice weighing in:

The Left's war on freedom of speech has a long, long history. Long before anti-racism laws, the bruhaha of unis cancelling speeches from conservative authors, the firings of Brendan Eich, Bill O'Reilly or James Damore, leftist regimes sought to suppress the voices of those not swallowing their worldview. That is not to say that rightwing regimes have sometimes not been doing just the same -
they did, but generally with far less bloodshed, plus only temporarily.

What we are witnessing is but a mere continuation of those policies, an affirmation of the generally accepted (among the left) modus operandi of silencing opponents, and umpteenth proof that leftists ARE_NOT-INTERESTED-IN-DEBATE. They only want you to shut up.


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