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Dhimmitude on steroids from the Spanish, who once conquered an Inca Empire with less than 200 soldiers:

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The Spanish sports site reports that famous soccer club Real Madrid has cut a sponsoring deal with Abu Dhabi's National Bank and is therefore removing the Christian Cross from its logo.

Last September, Real Madrid signed a three-year contract amounting to around 90 million EUR. The deal involves adapting the club's logo. The Christian Cross on top, which is a sign of its relationship with the Spanish Court, will be omitted in the Arabic world.

The new logo will appear on credit cards of Abu Dhabi's National Bank and by removing the Christian symbol from its logo Real "does not want to offend islamic clients", according to Marca:

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At the Battle of Cajamarca in 1532, Spanish Conquistador Francisco Pizarro beat an Incan Army of between 3,000 and 8,000 troops (accounts disagree) with a mere 168 Spanish soldiers, of which 62 were horsemen.

Pizarro was nobody's idea of an ideal son-in-law. It's something everybody who is referring to his breathtaking exploits will get on his plate. The same ones who point this out however invariably "forget" the bloody and viciously cruel civil war between Atahualpa, the Incan Emperor, and his brother Huascar, who was murdered by the former.

What is clear however is that the indomitable spirit of Pizarro is long gone. Real Madrid, which started its life in 1902 as the Madrid Football Club, had the prefix "Royal" (Real is Spanish for Royal) bestowed on it in 1920 by the then Spanish King Alfonso XIII. It naturally followed that the Club's emblem would feature not only the royal crown, but on top of it the Christian Cross, as the Spanish counted as the most ardent defenders of Catholic faith, and the Spanish Court has traditionally been the most visible exponent of that religious fervor.

I wonder what Alfonso XIII would think of this? Let alone Pizarro?

Hat tip veteran reader Koen Roelens.


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