Saturday, December 06, 2014


... And buried in one of his countless smack-on opinion pieces Mark Steyn writes the following:

~The President convened a meeting at the White House today on policing in the wake of Ferguson. Among the participants was Al Sharpton, making his 82nd visit to Obama's Oval Office. The President does not, of course, have jurisdiction over crime and punishment in Ferguson, so there is something creepy and unsettling about what he's doing, even without the presence of the disgusting race-baiter Sharpton. Not so implicit in everything Obama says and does is that the grand-jury decision was wrong. As with immigration law, America's chief executive is engaging in presidential nullification - and, as I've said before, siding with the lawless over the lawful.

That's the point of it, isn't it? On the big screen and for an international audience, Coyote Obama soothes that 'we have to respect the jury's decision'. As soon as the cameras are turned away, he schemes to reverse it.

America certainly got 'change'.


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