Saturday, December 20, 2014


First The Smiths with There is a light that never goes out. From their third album The Queen is dead (1986).

I really liked The Smiths' music. Make that 'like'. Guess I wasn't alone here in Belgium in their heyday. I always mused however how they were perceived in the UK itself. 'Cause with us non-native English speakers, it's the music first that we notice, the lyrics only afterwards. Whereas with Anglosaxons it's prolly the other way round, and The Smiths' lyrics, and especially Morrisey's voice, seem to be a like it or hate it thing. I vividly recall a conversation in autumn 87 in Paris between me and my longtime pal Michaël B. and two English girls whom we had met in, of all places, Notre Dame Cathedral. Upon telling them I liked The Smiths they both expressed instant disgust!

Then Oasis with Whatever. A 1994 single.

Never had much use for the arrogant Gallagher brothers, but they did make some good music.



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