Tuesday, December 16, 2014


We're talking about a woman here, no less. Or at least a creature that came on this world equipped as such. Since that fateful day, she's morphed into this:

So what's this about? I'll try to keep it succinct and to the point.

Three years ago, after the longest government formation in Belgium ever - probably in the entire world - two young supposedly centrist and/or center-right assholes, Wouter Beke from the "Christian" "Democrats" and Alexander De Croo, from the "Flemish" "Liberals", were instrumental in installing Elio Di Rupo, the Parti Socialiste's bigshot, on the seat of Belgian Prime Minister. This to the detriment of the N-VA and its leader Bart De Wever, supposedly also center-right, but regarded by our moral superiors as a Vlaams Belang Lite variant. Which it is not, but more about that later.

The tenure of Mr Di Rupo and his socialist-infested government predictably turned out to be an unmitigated disaster, with a.o. catastrophic job losses.

So the May 2014 elections resulted in a Big Win for the N-VA.

De Wever, a skilled strategist, pulled the strings and managed to fabricate an N-VA - Open VLD - MR coalition. Open VLD are the "Flemish" "Liberals", MR the Walloon "Liberals".

In Belgium, no other party than the Vlaams Belang is truly rightwing, but the PC crowd and their lackeys in the media and the educational system have done a good job at convincing the Great Unwashed that this government, this NVA_OpenVLD_MR coalition, is rightwing.

Even so, we have been having a soi-disant center-right government for the last couple of months, entirely WITHOUT SOCIALISTS. No Flemish socialists, no Walloon socialists. And this is a fairly unique situation in Belgium.

The will of the people you know. It's something called 'democracy'.

But BOY, them socialists DON'T LIKE IT.

So they've been organizing strikes for three weeks now. First at the provincial level, and last Monday nationwide.

It has become clear they've got actually rather little leverage in the private sector.

But UNFORTUNATELY, they do have serious leverage in public transport, in the ports, in the educational system.

Their efforts to paralyze the country should not be seen as a serious attempt to negotiate with the government about the austerity measures, but as a childish act of vengeance for not being part of the government.

Yes, basically that's what they are most angry about. Sad losers that they are, the leftists are NOT AMUSED at having been shoved aside in the most recent election.

That's why everybody has to feel it.

That's why on quite a lot of industrial estates, they have been setting up roadblocks at the entrances, not manned with people who actually worked there, but by Union goons.

That's why, while for themselves they claim the right to go on strike - which is okay for me - THEY DENY OTHERS THE RIGHT TO WORK.

And that's why a Union Troll like Madame Raymonde Le Lepvrier, secretary of a Namur chapter of the socialist union SETCa, part of the larger FGTB organisation, last Monday stormed in a fashion mall and started throwing expensive clothing around in the presence of the shop owner and her personnel, who had been willing to show up.

And that's why "Madame" Le Lepvrier threatened the shopkeeper that if she did not close the shop, she would turn the entire business in a ruin.

Her idea being that if THEY, the Socialists, decide not to work (which is an oxymoron since not working is basically their modus operandi under all circumstances), THEN NOBODY WILL WORK.

Tolerant Socialism at its finest!

If you want to sign a petition to have this CUNT removed from her plush "job" as Regional Union secretary, feel free to join Outlaw Mike.

All of this may seem small beer to the terrible turmoil everywhere in the world - and it is - but all the same, it's the same destructive force that is to blame for a large part, perhaps the largest part, of the world's ills that is on display here - Socialism. The "philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, with as its inherent virtue the equal sharing of misery."

Dixit Winston The Great.


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