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In the previous post I mentioned that the new confederalist party, the N-VA (new Flemish Alliance), something like a Vlaams Belang Lite, and its leader, Bart Dewever, will discover soon enough what it means to out yourself as being to the right of Erich Honecker. Mind you, on a personal level I am not at all in favor of Dewever, given his irrational hostility to what should be a natural partner, the VB. But the following examples are striking.

So once again a Flemish rightist party (they are rather center-right, but whatever) captures around 40% of the vote, the single biggest piece of the electorate. HORROR!!! Can't be. Time for some machiavellist poker playing between leftist bigshots and the thoroughly red media. Daniel Termont, socialist mayor of Ghent, was offered a nice big window in HLN (Het Laatste Nieuws) to offer his erudite view on De Wever's astounding succes:


In an interview with VPRO [Dutch leftist media channel - MFBB] Ghent mayor Daniel Termont (SP.a) says that De Wever's style and the content of his speech 'look very much extreme right'. Certain parts of Dewever's victory speech remind Termont of a language I heard in the thirties and which SCARES ME'.

Bad luck Dewever. You pay homage to Burke and want to stop feeding the socialist welfare machinery in Wallonia - there's no other explanation than that you are a (not so distant) cousin to Heinrich Himmler. Well, for our bien pensant Mr Daniel Termont anyway.

Actually, I think someone should tell Mr Termont that once upon a time right after the Great War a nitwit who flunked just about everything joined the DAP, an insignificant Munich party, led by a certain Anton Drexler. DAP stood for Deutsche Arbeiter Partei, or German Worker's Party. Soon thereafter Drexler added the prefix 'NS' to DAP, which then meant Nazionalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiter Partei (NSDAP), or National Socialist German Workers Party. It was to be Drexler's last important act, since in 1921 already the nitwit became undisputed leader of the NSDAP. That fella's name was Hitler, Adolph, and if I would take the NSDAP's programme, and I'd keep it next to the SP.a's programme, I'm pretty certain I'd find similarities that would SCARE ME. Now i don't want to exaggerate - I don't think there's anything in the SP.a programme that hints at exterminating Jews (although the party's attitude towards the State of Israel sometimes also SCARES ME in that regard). On the other hand, with regards to silencing your political opponents through lies one can certainly discern parallels between the Drexler and Termont blueprints.

Over now to HLN's buddies at De Standaard, all the news that's shit to print. In another case of ubiquitous incestual crossreporting so typical of Europes strikingly un-diverse media landscape, De Standaard is anxious to let us know that the Dutch brethren of De Volkskrant, yet another leftist rag, sees 'Doom scenarios for Belgium with De Wever's sudden rise to prominence'. And De Standaard is so kind to provide the following photo to illustrate De Volkskrant's anxiety:


Tell me honestly, what would the Belgian peasant population be without such a paradigm of fair and balanced reporting like De Standaard??? Very helpfully, they found and added just the perfect snapshot of Dewever to fit right under the caption 'DE VOLKSKRANT SEES DOOM SCENARIOS FOR BELGIUM'. At the last moment a De Standaard editor must have clipped De Wever's right hand off - even De Standaard is aware of a concept like overkill.

Now that we are talking about the wonderfully politically diverse media landscape in the Union of Socialist Soviet Republics of Belgistan, how 'bout this one? Last week the last two 'somewhat center-right' contributors to the well-known weekly Knack, Director Strategy Rik Van Cauwelaert and satirical writer Koen Meulenaere, left the weekly because they disagreed with Knack naming Jorgen Oosterwaal as new Editor-in-Chief:


Many years ago I suspended my subscription to Knack since I could not stand anymore the nauseating leftist bias and the incessant anti-Americanism. Now, Van Cauwelaert and Meulenaere were about the only people left at Knack with their heads screwed on 'right'. They are goners now, because of the new Editor-in-Chief Oosterwaal.

Who the f*ck is Oosterwaal?

Oh, he just so happens to be a former Humo-journalist (Humo is yet another leftist, 'progressive' weekly). And, only just a couple of weeks back Mr Oosterwaal was the producer of a narcissist folder named 'Patrick', distributed during the municipal elections to support the campaign of the... socialist hopeful for the post of mayor of Antwerp, Patrick Janssens. The pic shows you Janssens with Oosterwaal's brainchild:


Isn't it sweet? Socialist candidate for the post of Antwerp's mayor Patrick Janssens with Joergen Oosterwaal's magazine in the runup to the municipal elections.

And that same Joergen Oosterwaal is now going to be... Editor in Chief of Flander's most important weekly Knack. Oh, and Van Cauwelaert and Meulenaere, the last two 'somewhat center rightwingers' have just left the building!

Isn't it amazing how the guys and gals hollering all the time 'bout diversity here diversity there are so absolutely averse of... political diversity???

Over and out or I'm gonna puke. Hey Termont, regarding your fear of the thirties when you hear Dewever... a fella of yours, political fella, (in)famous socialist fella, he made it propaganda minister or something. Yeah, in those thirties you so dread. He once said that a lie repeated a hundredfold becomes a truth.

Fella's name Mr Termont - can I say Daniel?? - fella's name, it escapes me Daniel...

Got it! Fella's name was Joseph Goebbels!!! Yea, that was it!


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