Tuesday, September 18, 2012


No, this is not a flying pig moment. It's not a broken clock moment either.

Then what is it?

Maybe, just maybe, a minuscule amount of doubt has been sown into the minds of the town of Aalst's socialists.

But it's not gonna change anything, because they are too stooped in PC thinking to connect dots, discern evolutions, think outside the box.

What has happened is that a 26-year old muslim woman was shunned from the SP.a-list in Aalst because she was deemed 'too radical'... by her own party, the SP.a. If socialists say that, it's got to be bad indeed.

The woman, Fatmagül Bilge, daughter of the chairman of the Turkish mosque in Aalst, insisted on appearing in headscarf on election posters, made it clear she supported sharia, and let it know that if elected she'd appear in islamic dress in Town Council meetings.

A bridge too far for the local chairman of the Aalst socialist party chapter, Dirk De Pauw. Who reportedly, together with Town Selectman for Integration Dylan Casaer, insisted she withdraw her candidacy for the upcoming municipal elections on October 14.


(source het Nieuwsblad)

It don't mean nothing. In two election circles, the SP.a will be 50 or 60% muslim anyway, no stopping sharia-supporting candidates in 12 years. Also, even now national SP.a chairman Bruno Tobback, darling of the Belgian press corps, gave a confusing signal (to Aalst socialists), indicating he had no problem with candidates showing religious symbols. Translated: the SP.a top brass, Asshole Superdeluxe Bruno Tobback up front, are willing (and eager so) to put their pants down, bend forward and get themselves fucked royally in the arse by that gracious belief system known as islam.

What does the eye of yours truly see?

Simple. There's been Fatima Bali, Selahattin Koçak, Selahattin Ozer, now Fatmagül Bilge. All dream candidates and posterchildren for DIVERSITY. All of them revealing themselves for what they really are: Trojan horses for islam.

At first sight articulate, intelligent, trustworthy. Then it's breaking promises and agreements (Bali), completely neglecting the duties of a town selectman and driving a car even when stripped of his license (Koçak), abuse of power and threatening off city personnel (Ozer). And now it's Bilge proclaiming she's for sharia law in Aalst. Memo to gays in Aalst: PAY ATTENTION BOZOS (not that I think it will hold you back from voting red again, you fucking idiots). You might want to chat with Ms Bilge to hear her POV re, erm, your lifestyle.

One cannot trust muslims. If you kid yourself you can trust people who are brought up with the very notion that it's GOOOOOOOOOD to be treacherous vis-à-vis infidels, you're a blunt fucking idiot.

Pardon my French. But once again, ignore Outlaw Mike's advice at your own peril.


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