Sunday, July 01, 2012


Barely had South Sudan seceded, through referendum, from the islamic north, or the latter's 'president' Omar al-Bashir declared war on South Sudan and its 'insect' government:


On June 18, three churches in the Nigerian towns of Zaria and Kaduna were attacked by Boko Haram muslim terrorists:


Around 50 Christians dead.

Just today, an estimated 15 people have been killed in attacks on Kenyan church. The attacks were carried out by muslim terrorists affiliated with the Somalia-based al-Shabab militia.


The Lame Duck Award For The Most Meaningless Statement was as usual won hands down by the White House with the following travesty: "At a time of transition, peace and stability are essential to Kenya's progress. We support those who recognize Kenya's ethnic and religious diversity as one of the country's greatest strengths."

And I'm not even talking about muslim salafist terrorists in Mali destroying Sufi shrines, or a Muslim Brotherhood nutcase elected for Prez in Egypt, courtesy that country's glorious Facebook Generation and that equally awesome Arab Spring.

Islam is the Scourge of Humanity. Sooner or later Humanity will have to destroy it, or at least reduce it to a pitiful rabble which can then be allowed to rot away in designated hellholes. I am actually pretty sure that will be the definite fate of islam, for if you look at Humanity's progress through the ages, once can only conclude it has always gone forward.

Yes, it has always gone forward. But the path taken is criscrossed and interrupted by a multitude of detours and dead ends. I am worrying not so much over Man triumphing over the gruesome aberration that is this death cult of desert apes. Man WILL triumph in the end, and islam will be remembered as we today remember the Stone Age or at the very best Gingis Khan.

It's the price to be paid before enough humans realize what islam stands for, that I'm worrying about.


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Joanne said...

Well, I am glad the State of Israel is arming the South. I was thinking what I would do if I ever won the lottery and arming Christians in Africa came to mind. Don't worry, there is no passage in time in death. The dead just go to sleep and awaken in the twinkling of an eye, whether a thousand days or one minute has passed, before Christ returns and calls for the dead in Christ to rise from their graves.