Tuesday, April 24, 2012


On Februari 15, two Belgian federal police officers and a convicted Moroccan criminal boarded a Royal Air Maroc plane for Morocco with the aim of handing the subject over to Moroccan police, or whatever passes for that. Barely had the three men taken their seats or the gangster started a heavy uproar by yelling, cursing, refusing to sit down and buckle his seats, in short, running amok on steroids. Soon the whole plane was in turmoil. Suddenly a woman appeared next to the threesome. A 51-year old Parti Socialiste senator of Moroccan/Algerian descent, a certain Fatiha Saidi. If you thought that this woman would side with the law you'd be gravely mistaken. Instead of telling her compatriot to knock it off, shut up and accompany the officers back to his homeland - this was an extradition, after all - she instead started to steamroller the policemen with insults and threats. The ensuing tumult was of such magnitude that the pilot finally urged the officers and the gangster off the plane. The latter simply went back to a transit zone for illegals in Belgium. Via the weekly Knack (title: PARTI SOCIALISTE SENATOR KEEPS GANGSTER IN OUR COUNTRY):

Some minor details: a.) the subject had been on Belgian territory illegaly for 16 (sixteen) years. b.) Since 1996 he had been arrested 42 (forty-two) times for theft, embezzlement, drugdealing, illegal possession of arms and arson. c.) the subject's name is Mohammed C.
The episode once again is proof of the fact that no matter the gravity of the crimes committed by a particular muslim, or muslims, the ummah invariably sides with the perpetrator, or perpetrators, when the crimes have been committed to the detriment of non-muslims.
The case also highlights the absolute and utter inefficiency of Belgian extradition policies. The Belgian government on the one hand displays a breathtakingly lax attitude with regards to illegal immigrations and the automatically ensuing influx of criminals among these immigrants, and on the other hand upholds the fiction of a 'working' extradition policy. Yearly, tens of thousands of illegals are allowed to breeze across the frontier, and simultaneously every now and then a couple of officers are required to accompany a sole multi-offender back to his country of origin - at a ridiculously high cost to the taxpayer. The extradition itself is leak as a sieve, since there is no guarantee that the guy flown back on taxpayer dough woun't come back right away...
... and in this case, after an undoubtedly lengthy procedure which cost the taxpayer hundreds of thousands of euros, after having given a counterproductive individual shelter FOR SIXTEEN YEARS, during which "the law" had to intervene fruitlessly 42 TIMES, after issuing the order to the two hapless officers to accompany this scum to the airport and make him sit down on a RAM plane so that the scoundrel finally leaves Belgian territory...
a Belgian LAWMAKER intervenes, bites the officers a couple of new earholes, and ensures that a gangster can stay in Belgium. So if as a productive, law-abiding Belgian citizen you sometimes wonder what happens with your tax euros, here you have the answer.

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