Saturday, September 12, 2009


Salad was a nineties UK indie group composed of Marijne Van Der Vlugt (vocals), Pete Brown (bass), Rob Wakeman (drums), and Paul Kennedy (guitar). Previously, Marijne, from The Netherlands, had been a model and an MTV Europe jockey. She's still around somewhere, and the song Yellow Horse, from the group she's with now, Cowboy Rider or sumpin, was used as a soundtrack for the Grey's Anatomy series. Drink the elixir is probably their biggest hit, from the 1995 album Drink me.

Aztec Camera were a Scottish new wave/indie band formed in Glasgow in 1980. During their lifespan, which lasted till 1995 or so, they went through a gazillion of musicians and contributors (including Ryuchi Sakamoto and Paul Carrack), the only constant member being the singer, Roddy Frame. This single, Still On Fire, is from the 1984 album Knife.

Roddy Frame looks terribly gay in this video. I just hope his real name wasn't Pee Wee Herman.


P.S.: and those trousers! Yuk!

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