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There are those who call me a bigot because of the relation I perceive between criminality committed by immigrants and their religion, in casu of course islam. I am talking about the kind of people who see no islamic element at all in, say, the catastrophic phenomenon of France's carbeques (an estimated 35,000 cars torched every year). To them, the rampant criminality emanating from France's Algerian and Moroccan communities has nothing to do with religion, but with, wait for it, racism, xenophobia, discrimination, poverty etc etc etc.

For these bozos, the same applies for Belgium of course, or, for that matter, any western country. So, even if the grand majority of inmates in Belgian prisons is Moroccan, and therefore muslim, islam has nothing to do with it. Like islam has nothing to do with the rising number, in Belgium too, of "honour murders", or the fact that women's shelters are mainly populated with muslim women.

Islam has never anything to do with it. It is just "ordinary" criminality for which, just around the corner, there is always a sad tale of social exclusion or the wrong friends or some other fairlytale to serve as an excuse.



In the previous post I mentioned briefly the spectacular escape by helicopter, on July 23, of three gangsters with typical Flemish names such as Ashraf Sekkaki, Mohammed Johry and Abdelhaq Melloul-Khajary, from Bruges prison. The helicopter in question was actually from a private sightseeing firm and the pilot a mere employee of that firm. We now know that a couple rented a flight, allegedly to watch a football stadium and some other landmarks from the air, and that when they were over the prison one of them put a gun against the pilot's head and forced him to land within the prison's walls. After quickly picking up the three gangsters, the pilot was then forced to land in a town some twenty-five kilometers to the east, near a service station, and the criminals seized a vehicle there. After some more hijackings they all disappeared without a trace.

Truth to be told, in the meantime two of the Bruges inmates have since been captured: Abdelhaq Melloul-Khajary in Belgium and Mohammed Johry in Morocco. But the third and the most dangerous, Ashraf Sekkaki, is still at large and reportedly in Morocco too. This is an Interpol photo of Sekkaki:

What is however not known are the wherabouts of the accomplices who rented the helicopter. It is now fairly obvious that the woman was in all likelihood... Mohammed Johry's girlfriend, Lesley Deckers, as Flemish as can be.

Well... at least until she met Johry. To the right is a photo of the pre Johry period. To the left...

Phot HLN

So islam has nothing to do with it, right?

Judge for yourself.


PS: there is currently an awful lot of anxiety in Belgian press about Lesley Deckers' fate, of whom every trail is missing. The last time she was seen was on a security camera near a hotel in Amsterdam, in the company of Sekkaki, Khajary and Johry. Which, again, is why the woman in the helicopter was in all likelihood Lesley Deckers. The journal Het Laatste Nieuws anxiously writes "What happened to the girlfriend that helped escape Sekkaki?" and uses terms such as "uncanny silence". Personally, I don't give a damn whether that cunt found shelter in Holland's jihadist community or was disposed of in some ditch because of having become an embarrassment. If you opt for a mysogynistic culture of sand apes - as a woman, no less - that hasn't produced anything worthwile over the past 1,000 years, you don't deserve better.

More than ever, in this beautiful Europe of OURS - where those who subscribe to our values and want to be contributing and law-abiding citizens are WELCOME - in this magnificent Europe where uncounted treasures remind us every day of the greatness of Western Civilization... more than ever, the choice is clear:


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