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It's almost September 1st and then the measure announced by the Koninklijk Atheneum, a high school in Antwerp now almost exclusively for muslim children, will go into effect. That measure forbids girls from wearing the veil inside the school's premises and was invoked because of the undeniable social pressure from veil-wearers onto non-veil-wearers to follow suit; in other words, to counter islamic radicalization.

There was a major uproar among the schoolchildren, and imam Nordine Taouil joined in and exhorted not only them but also all muslim children in Flanders to stay away from school come September 1st if the girls were not allowed to wear the veil.

The following shows the fanatic, who is actually the former imam of the El Mouslimin mosque in Antwerp. I have tried to find decent software that allows you to add subtitles of your own, but found none. The most promising, Subyo, claimed to have sent me an email with an activation link but so far nada. If somebody out there has a hint to a good subtitle inserting programme, I'd be very grateful.

Here is an exerpt from the islamic terrorism report currently on Filip Dewinter's website that deals with Taouil and the El Mouslimin mosque. At the moment I do not have the time to translate, will try this night.

b) Moskee El Mouslimin

Enkele Marokkaanse moskeeën in het Antwerpse prediken eveneens haat en onverdraagzaamheid. Jongeren worden er aangespoord om te gaan studeren op madrassa’s in o.a. Pakistan, Jordanië en Syrië. Via deze islamitische scholen worden ze in contact gebracht met fundamentalisten die hen proberen te overtuigen om nog een intensere geestelijke en bijkomende fysieke training te ondergaan. Zo komen de jongeren uiteindelijk terecht in opleidingskampen van terreurorganisaties zoals Al Qaeda. Ongeveer 50% van hen wordt doorgestuurd naar Afghanistan, Kashmir, Irak of Tsjetsjenië om te strijden in het belang van de jihad. De overige 50% keert terug naar België … Er lopen dus jongeren in de Antwerpse straten rond die een intensieve jihadopleiding hebben gekregen. Beangstigend toch!

Een van deze Marokkaanse moskeeën is El Mouslimin in de Jan Palfijnstraat. Dit is dé moskee waar de terreurgroep ‘Groupe Islamique Combattant Marocain’ aanwezig is. Het is een zéér groot gebedshuis waarin fundamentalisten zich thuis voelen.

De vroegere imam, Nordin Taouil, was een echte voorvechter van de gewapende jihad tegen de westerlingen en joden. Zijn agressief denken en handelen heeft er toe geleid dat 90% van de jongeren in deze moskee zich geroepen voelt om hun leven te geven voor de gewapende strijd. Hij is ook dé persoon die je moet contacteren als je een fysieke opleiding wenst te volgen in het buitenland (voornamelijk Pakistan en Algerije). Vandaar dat de Marokkaanse inlichtingendienst in deze moskee is geïnfiltreerd. Terroristen van ‘Groupe Islamique Combattant Marocain’ vinden in deze Antwerpse moskee een veilig onderkomen. Velen van hen worden in Marokko gezocht voor het plegen of voorbereiden van aanslagen.

Our friends over at Gates of Vienna are on this topic too, as well as the notable blogger Vladtepes, who - shame on me - provided the translation. Here's an exerpt from GoV:

“The aggressive manner in which the radical Muslims responded, convinced me that the headscarf ban was the right decision,” said Karin Heremans, director of the Royal Athenaeum of Antwerp, where all political and religious symbols — including the headscarf — are now banned.

How the Imam, with whom she just had a constructive conversation, could turn 180 degrees in a second like that she still does not understand. “But we stick to our position,” she declares. “We wanted to avoid all this fuss by communicating it only after the exams.” She sighs.

The director mentions (in the Flemish newspaper Gazet van Antwerpen) that there was an increasing radicalization noticeable within the school walls. Several girls were being put under pressure to wear a headscarf. “The presence of these radical Muslims during the protests confirmed my suspicion that this effect had been slumbering for a while and even enormously increasing. The politicians should most urgently consider how to deal with this group. These radical Muslims systematically, under the guise of religious freedom, reject all democratic principles. They reject any compromise. They have the right to profess their faith, but not to impose it on others,” Karin Heremans said, who herself in the meanwhile was threatened by certain Muslims: “Those men told me that I should be whipped and must be hanged”…

This is no exxageration, I can testify that Belgian press deemed newsworthy at least THAT tidbit, that Mrs. Heremans was stopped on the streets of Borgerhout (Antwerp suburb) by three muslim fanatics with long beards, djellabas and skullcaps, and told that she would be hanged if she did not revoke the measure.

So far, Mrs. Heremans is not giving in. It will be an interesting September 1st.


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