Friday, June 19, 2009


At least one third of the Parti Socialiste (PS) for the Regional Elections of Brussels Capital Region was made up of the following individuals:

n° 3 : Emir Kir
n° 7 Fadila Laanan
n° 8 Mohammed Daïf
n° 10 Sfia Bouarfa
n° 13 Rachid Madrane
n° 19 Jamal Ikazban
n° 20 Fatiha Saïdi
n° 22 Nadia El Yousfi
n° 25 Mohammed Azzouzi
n° 27 Ahmed El Ktibi
n° 28 Souad Razzouk
n° 29 Emin Ozkara
n° 35 Abdallah Boustani
n° 42 Yasmina Nekhoul
n° 43 Mohamed Errazi
n° 45 Mohamed Lahlali
n° 47 Mounir Laarissi
n° 51 Ahmed Laaouej
n° 54 Myriem Amrani
n° 55 Ibrahim Dönmez
n° 57 Ahmed Ouartassi
n° 59 Ahmet Gjanaj
n° 61 Hava Ardiclik
n° 63 Abobakre Bouhjar
n° 67 Talbia Belhouari


n° 4 Mahammadi Chahid
n° 7 Karim Chetoui
n° 11 Sevket Temiz

The biggest shocker was however some news from the Brussels Chapter of the Walloon (ex) Christian Democrat Party, the Cdh. A muslim candidate for the Cdh, a certain Mahinur Ozdemir of Turkish origin, was elected for the Parliament of the Brussels Region.

Mind you, thank God she will not be sitting in the federal parliament (yet), but thus in the Brussels Parliament. Let me explain. In Belgium, the European elections of a couple of weeks ago coincided with regional elections, i.e. elections designating parliamentarians for the regional parliaments, of which there are three: a Flemish Parliament for the Flemish Region, a Walloon Parliament for the Walloon Region, and a Brussels Parliament for the Brussels Capital Region. It is indeed so that for Brussels a special region has been created, although geographically, Brussels lies embedded in Flanders. As such our capital, also the capital of the EU, is some kind of mini Washington DC, a situation indeed somewhat comparable with the District of Columbia which lies basically completely embedded in Maryland, but is neither a part of that state nor of Virginia. But back to Mahinur Ozdemir.

Scrutiny into Mrs. Ozdemire's past reveals she's a religious fanatic. As such her arrival does not bode well for the future of Brussels and by extension for the future of our country. The arrival of a vanguard of muslimfanaticism in a Belgian Parliament, even if it is a minor one, is but one part of phenomenon characterised by two dynamics, because the party Ozdemir joined... are the FORMER Walloon Christian Democrats. Indeed, a couple of years ago, the Cdh's chairwoman, Joelle Milquet, decreed that the "C" no longer stands for "Christian" but for "Centre", so Cdh is now a "centrist, democratic and humanist party". Officially, Wallonia has no Christan Democratic Party anymore.

So what we see here is the entry in a Belgian Parliament of a representative of a gruesome, inhuman belief system, that is nevertheless in ascendance ... and this dynamic coincides with the disappearance of representatives of a beautiful, caring faith that has given the world immense riches and untold generations of people hope and consolation, but is nevertheless fading away...

Mrs. Ozdemir will be the first headscarved woman sitting in a Belgian Parliament.

It is an ominous sign.


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