Saturday, April 11, 2020


With varying degrees of zeal and effectiveness, police across Belgium try to discourage unnecessary movements. By and large, Biobelgians and well-integrated "new" Belgians adhere to the rules. For instance, many Belgians from the centre of the country have a second home, most often an apartment, at the coast. During the current lockdown, they are prohibited from venturing there, and at the main highway exits to the coastal cities police check whether you are actually a resident or a 'tweede verblijver' (lit. second dweller). In the case of the latter, no pardon is given: a 250 EUR fine and back pronto to your offical first residence:

Even in the city of your offical residence you may be prone to controls. One of my sisters is general manager of a real estate company in Brussels and was 'intercepted' by a police patrol which asked her a legitimate reason for venturing out on the streets (OK such instances are relatively rare, since last Friday I myself was able to enter Brussels by car; there was a police patrol, but it was only trying to discourage traffic by their mere presence, and I passed them without problem). Anyway, my sister was able to show evidence that she was on her way to her office to get salaries paid and she was waved through.

Sadly, there's a category of New Belgians which flouts the rules Big Time, and as per usual, it's muslims. Why, rules made by kuffars don't mean a thing. Which is why hospitals in the eastern province of Limburg, with a very large presence of Turkish muslims (Europes most ardent Erdogan followers outside of Turkey), are choke full of followers of the prophet since they gave a hoot to the lockdown rules.

And which is why in Brussels, well, see for yourself. When police today tried to get a group of young Moroccans to disperse, this is what happened:

Who is boss on the street? It depends on whom police encounters:

Don't come tell me there's no islamic angle and these 'youths' are merely bored. These bastards are told day and night that there is them, true believers, and that there is us, infidels. In another instance today or yesterday, police called onto an imam to calm the sons of bitches: that's implicitly admitting that the islamic faith plays a role in this outrageous behaviour.

The very, very sad reality is that if these scoundrels by their irresponsible acts end up with Covid-19 in UZ Jette, Saint Luc, Brugmann or whatever hospital in Brussels, they will occupy many ICU's and if YOU, a decent citizen who obeyed the rules but thru bad luck contacted the virus anyway, show up at said hospitals, you may find there's no place anymore for you.


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