Tuesday, March 24, 2020


You could do it the Chinese way:

Yes I know it's a PR maneuver. I'm sure those dying in Lombardy care about that.

Anyway… you could also do it the Russian way:

Yes, propaganda coup. Probably. Don't matter. AFAIK, 14 planes have landed already. At least 8 medical teams, 100 plus virologists, many with first hand experience in fighting swine flu, ebola, whatever…

...or you could do it the Cuban way:

Cuba is dirt poor, yet they managed to fly across the Atlantic with 52 specialists. Sheesh.


You could also do it the European Union way!!!

Brought to you by… Her Majesty Ursula von der Leyen, European President!!!

If this crisis is proving anything, it's that the European Union is FAILING COMPLETELY to address its first major crisis. Yes, its first. The 2015 "refugee" tsunami was actually the first, but the EU had no intention to solving it in the first place - quite the contrary - so that one doesn't count. What a godforsaken mess!!! Italy is bleeding, and the only thing the EU has been able to do the last ten days is host fucking Greta Thunberg and making this shabby video. How UvdL doesn't drop down from shame is beyond me.

When all this is over, there's gotta be some serious discussion about which direction Europa has got to take, and I see no EU in its present form as a constructive part of that movement.


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