Sunday, December 29, 2019


The Dutch authorities are not shy of letting Biodutchmen and -women know their days as a majority are numbered. Here is a screenshot of a Dutch government website where one can consult the weekly 'asielinstroom' (asylum influx) numbers:

Go back all through 2019 and you will see for yourself that the (official) influx of asylum seekers in The Netherlands is give and take 600/700 per week. Not 30. Not 3,000. Always 600/700. There is a system behind this, that's for sure. There are organizations that are providing resources, that do the planning, the advertising, there's contacts with Dutch and European agencies.

A year ago I wrote on these very pages about the scandal that is the UN 'Global Compact for Immigration', arguing that this horrible document would de facto posit that boundless immigration towards Western countries would become a right. And here it is. The Netherlands are even 'lucky', it's only give and take 700 a week. The numbers for Belgium are appalling.

What we are seeing is Population Replacement on a big scale, in a not even hidden attempt to quell the emerging unrest among autochtons. The most visible aspect of that unrest is the rise of rightwing, anti-immigration parties all over the continent. It is litterally a race against time. Traditional parties - socialists, greens, liberals, 'Christian' 'Democrats' who have practically all embraced the vile ideology of multiculturalism, are all frantically facilitating and organizing Umvolkung as a tool to block the rise of VB in Belgium, Lega in Italy, AfD in Germany, SD in Sweden.

And in their 'Quest for Cosmic Justice', as Thomas Sowell would put it, they have convinced themselves that by ridding Europe of deplorables, they are not only doing Europe a favor, but other continents and regions, especially Africa, a favor.

Consider Africa, for instance. Importing enormous numbers of Africans serves the multiple purposes of:

a.) blocking the rise of what they see as 'xenophobic' parties
b.) realizing the multicultural utopia in the West
c.) atoning for the White 'crimes' of colonization and, wait for it, 'racism'
d.) solving the problem of overpopulation elsewhere, especially in Africa

We have adressed the follies of a.), b) and c.) many times over, but as for d.) one should first of all acknowledge that it's LEFTIST policies that have very significantly contributed to Africa's woes. Indeed, as societies grow more prosperous, so the number of children in a family will gradually decline. Because the most successful export product of the left towards Africa have been its economic recipies, in particular the concept of the centrally guided economy, large parts of Africa have remained destitute. EVERY African country that adopted socialism has failed: Tanzanya, Zambia, Moçambique etc... Consequently, they have remained (very) poor. Consequently, they have runaway population statistics. Of course Africans are themselves to blame just as well, what with tribalism and endemic corruption and all. But Botswana e.g., which never fell for the leftist siren songs and has a solid economy based on capitalistic principles, does not have the problems of most other African countries. Seretse Khama was no closet communist like Julius Nyerere, and Botswana's economy grew at 9per cent per year for thirty years straight since 1966. Today, it is still one of the fastest growing African economies, with a GDP per capita of about $19,000 a year. Botswana has tech hubs and a standard of living comparable to that of Mexico (without the drug wars), and consequently, Botswana has no runaway demographics and there are no Botswanians among the 'refugees' flooding Europe.

It's a different matter for most of the continent however, as its demographics will push world population 10 billion by 2050, and its share in world population is projected to be ... 39 per cent by 2100:

Africa's population conundrum is of such a magnitude that it CANNOT BE SOLVED by siphoning off part of it towards Europe, as our socialist, green, liberal and 'Christian' 'Democratic' politicans seem to think. Africa's population problem has to be solved on African soil. And to illustrate that, to date I have not come across someone who did it better than Roy Beck in this timeless classic of 2010:

Would viewing that video change the minds of our moral betters?


Because they are insane.

We will have to hammer sense into them via other ways.


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