Monday, December 16, 2019


First a quick recap from 2016, a Prager U video featuring Professor Richard Lindzen:

Now check this out:

"Within the last few years, over 50 papers have been added to our compilation of scientific studies that find the climate’s sensitivity to doubled CO2 (280 ppm to 560 ppm) ranges from <0 to 1°C. When no quantification is provided, words like “negligible” are used to describe CO2’s effect on the climate. The list has now reached 106 scientific papers."

This is indeed true, and has been documented in, a.o., Climate Change: The Facts (editor Alan Moran).

There is some arguing as to the exact number of scientific studies re climate sensitivity in particular, but that the number is rising is a fact.

Nobody is contesting the fact that CO2 is a greenhouse gas. And global mean temperatures may have risen by 1 degree over the past 150 years. And we cannot even rule out that anthropogenic CO2 has, indeed, played a role in that phenomenon. Although, given that natural CO2 emissions far outweigh man-made ones, and because the uncertainties re the size of the (sinks of the) natural emissions are so huge, any policy proclaiming that global temperature can be kept under this or that treshold if only we spend this or that insane amount of money had to be regarded with the utmost scepticism.

The growing number of publications like these ones are therefore a welcome antidote to the ever more frantic efforts of an almost tyrannical EU that wants to spend 11,500 billion EUR (!) to 'fight climate change' in the course of the following years. If it is not kept in check, its horrendously costly anti climate change antics risk to plunge Europe in a man made socio-economic crisis not seen since WWII. The biggest charlatan in this regard is the EU's new 'Climate Pope', the Dutch socialist Frans Timmermans. More on this odious charachter later.


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