Saturday, October 19, 2019


Massive farmers protests in The Netherlands last week. The issue is about the government wanting to slash the agricultural sector because of a nonexisting nitrogen problem. It seems in a number of protected areas there's these rare grasses which only thrive on poor soil. Farmers utilizing fertilizer threaten to disrupt the precarious ecobalance i.e. enrich said soil. In the choice between poor soil and poor Dutch farmers the Dutch government has without much ado opted for the former. Not only that, but building activities too seem to produce an excess of nitrogen, and the ruling class, which gives the impression they think N2 is a variant of the gases the Germans used in the Great War, has halted all building activities.

The most vocal protests against government insanity so far were by farmers, who massively turned up last week to block key roads in 'Randstad Holland':

The most unhinged parties are left-liberal D66, sometimes referred to as D666, and watermelons on steroids GroenLinks (lit. GreenLeft). Hearing their top brass arguing about the N2 'crisis' has convinced me most of them think that you don't need farmers and cows to get milk, since it is sooooo much easier to go to a supermarket and buy milk cartons.

In World War I it was said the tommies were Lions led by donkeys. In The Netherlands 2019, it would be excessively rude to donkeys, not to say racist, to paraphrase that saying and thereby imply the elites are as smart as those lovely long-eared creatures.


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