Saturday, September 28, 2019


Very unfortunately, Salvini apparently shot himself in the foot and this is the result, via The Gatestone Institute:

"Italy's new government, which has pledged to reverse former Interior Minister Matteo Salvini's hardline approach to migration policy, appears to have triggered a new wave of mass migration from northern Africa.

More than 1,400 migrants reached Italian shores since the new government took office on September 5, according to data compiled by the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

During just the past several weeks, the number of migrant arrivals to Italy has increased incrementally: 59 migrants arrived on September 6; 67 arrived on September 9; 121 arrived on September 14; 259 arrived on September 15; 275 arrived on September 18; and 475 arrived between September 19 and September 25, according to the IOM. Overall, the number of migrant arrivals in September 2019 is up by more than 100% over the number of arrivals in September 2018.

Many of the new arrivals are reaching Italy by using new people-smuggling routes that originate in Turkey. In recent weeks, at least five migrant boats have landed in Calabria, in the far south of Italy. On September 21, for instance, 58 migrants, all Pakistani males, reached the Calabrian port of Crotone.

People-smuggling mafias are also using new routes in the Southern Mediterranean to move people to Italy from sub-Saharan Africa. In recent weeks, criminal groups have used small boats to transport migrants from Libya to Tunisia, from where the crossing to Lampedusa, Italy's southern-most island, is shorter and less risky. On September 20, for example, 92 migrants from sub-Saharan Africa — Gambia, Ivory Coast, Mali and Senegal — reached Lampedusa.

At the same time, Italy's new government also appears to be taking a more lenient approach to the migrant rescue ships operated by European charities, which have been accused of coordinating with people-smuggling mafias to pick up migrants off the coast of Libya and transport them to Italian ports.

On September 14, the Italian government authorized the Norwegian-flagged Ocean Viking, operated by the French charities SOS Méditerranée and Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), to dock at Lampedusa, where 82 migrants picked up off the coast of Libya were allowed to disembark.

On September 24, the Italian government allowed the Ocean Viking, this time carrying 182 migrants, to dock at the Sicilian port of Messina.

Whereas Salvini had banned migrant rescue ships from docking at Italian ports, the new government's more lenient approach appears also to be encouraging European non-governmental organizations (NGOs). On September 23, the Spanish NGO Open Arms announced that it would resume migrant rescues on board a vessel called Astral.

In August, Open Arms and its rescue ship of the same name were involved in a three-week stand-off with the Italian government, which refused to allow the vessel to dock in Italian ports. After more than a dozen migrants jumped overboard and tried to swim to shore, Sicilian prosecutor Luigi Patronaggio on August 20 ordered the Open Arms, anchored one kilometer off Lampedusa, to dock in Sicily so that its passengers could disembark. Subsequent video footage showed that Open Arms staged the jumps to manipulate public opinion. Italian authorities later impounded the ship...."

The crux of the matter is that both North America and Western Europe are litterally under assault from the Third World. The reasons for this are twofold:

a.) First, there is a potential for migration because a considerable number of nations have FAILED as states, and failed miserably. It's not about war, and in the cases that there is, the reasons for that are the same reasons why the nations failed in the first place.

b.) Second, I have always considered myself an opponent of conspiration theories, but the events of the past 4 years are forcing me to reconsider that opinion. There are mechanisms behind (the facilitation of) migration flows. Perhaps it's not centralized. But there are... instigators, facilitators, financiers, and yes, ideologues... behind the stampede of Third World flotsam direction The West.

Western politicians who want to save their countries and indeed, Western Civilization itself, must dare to call out the utter failure of Third World countries to provide their citizens with the basics for what it is. The misery there is NOT the West's faults but rooted in their cultures and/or marxist/socialist ideologies. No more grovelling in the sand and weeping for 'the evils of colonialism'. Instead politicians must have the courage to say to the bozos running Mali, for instance: "Hey you there, YOU-ARE-FUCKING-UP!!!"

And at home, those same politicians must also start to confront the Open Borders lunatics among us FAR-MORE-AGGRESSIVELY. And I am sorry - I really am - that I feel I have to add "if necessary, with violence".

Western Civilization is far too important to squander it on the altar of insane multiculturalism and have it destroyed by the same attitudes and policies that caused the countries the 'refugees' are fleeing... to turn into shitholes in the first place.


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