Saturday, August 31, 2019


Horrible images from Lesbos, a Greek island. I can't even say that the floodgates are open again, because it is crystal clear they were never really closed in the first place:

As for Med crossings, it's bad enough that Salvini's gamble failed and that the 5 Star Movement and Partito Democratico are now poised to form a government leaving Lega in the cold - which would mean that Italy's ports will reopen again for the deluge of African 'refugees'. And if you doubt that a 5 Star/PD government would do that, watch the following interview with a PD ("center left") Senator:

But even without the thousands 'saved' twenty miles off the Libyan coast and transported up north per the wallet of the gullible EU taxpayer, many also cross the Med on their own, and succeed in reaching Europe's soft underbelly. They go ashore... and disappear, only to pop up weeks later in Berlin, Frankfurt, Brussels or Paris and wreak havoc there:

These are absolutely very, very, very dire times. The whole of the West is now under assault from the Third World. The time is approaching when violence against those who are behind the massive human trafficking schemes must be considered as a real but, unfortunately, necessary option.

We cannot let them turn our beautiful countries in islamic/Third World hellholes. If we do not act, then this will be our future: Just a street in Stockholm, Sweden:


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