Tuesday, August 20, 2019


In other news, German Lunatic-in-Chief Angela Merkel expressed the desire to implement yet another "Sophia Plan". Originally, the first "Sophia Plan" was meant to combat human trafficking. In the end, it resulted in EU Ships under the aegis of Frontex ferrying over 50,000 illegals across the Med:

"German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Thursday called for the resumption of European naval missions to rescue migrants in the Mediterranean.

Since 2015, tens of thousands of migrants were rescued by European naval ships as part of the bloc's anti-smuggling "Operation Sophia," which suspended activity earlier this year.

"It would certainly be good if today we had Operation Sophia and national navies that would carry out rescues," Merkel said in Berlin. She added that it would help with rescuing migrants as well as combating trafficking.

On Tuesday, Merkel also spoke out in support of sea rescues during a panel discussion in northern Germany, calling them "a humanitarian imperative," according to the newspapers of the Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland."

The words of Das Gespenst will not fall on deaf ears, as millions of welfare seekers stand poised to jump to Europe. The combo human traffickers/Frontex is eagerly waiting for the green light to bring about Europe's downfall.

Who will stop this madwoman????


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