Sunday, July 14, 2019


Watch and shudder. This is the future of Europe, brought to you by our corrupt, ignorant, self-loathing spineless cowards of politicians:

I.... admit that I practically want to weep at seeing this beautiful marvel of architecture, adorned with sculptures, paintings and works of art which only came into being through the unfathomable efforts of artists through the ages... this resting place of France's great historical figures...

... being defamed by throngs of Third World madmen who cannot conceivably be employed in modern societies, who possibly cannot even write down without a fault their names, who are uncouth, unshaven, unwashed and know only the concept of entitlement. This is pure horror. How long before they tear down our noble marble statues and slash our precious paintings? It's a nightmare, pure and simple.

Via PI News a key quote:

"Aufgrund einer völlig verantwortungslosen, selbst verschuldeten Bevölkerungsexplosion in Afrika wird es eine niemals endende Völkerwanderung Richtung Europa geben. Gemäß Umfragen wollen bis zu zwei Drittel der Afrikaner nach Europa einwandern. Haben es die „Flüchtlinge“ erst einmal nach Deutschland geschafft, so bleiben sie trotz abgelehnten Asylantrages hier. 2017 führte nur etwa einer von 25 negativen Asylbescheiden zur Heimkehr von Afrikanern."

"The next millions of Africa are already standing in the starting blocks for their journey to Europe. Because of Africa's completely irresponsible population explosion for which it is itself at fault, there will follow a neverending immigration movement towards Europe. According to polls up to two thirds of Africa's want to travel to Europe. Once the "refugees" made it to Germany, they stay here, despite asylum requests answered in the negative. In 2017 only one in 25 (!) of not granted asylum requests led to the repatriation of Africans to their homeland. Every twelve days Africa's population grows by a million!"

As if the catastrophic impact on France's resources of millions of unemployable Africans was not already bad enough, the muslim component of the Third World assault on the country is also taking an increasingly heavy toll. When Algeria won the African Cup of Nations, Algerians in Paris (and possibly elsewhere in France) went on an unprecedented looting rampage, destroying private as well as public property:

In Montpellier, a young Algerian lunatic lost control over his vehicle and mowed down a woman and her child. The woman was killed on the spot, the child seriously injured.

Prayers are asked.

Such are the joys of multiculturalism. As a White European, I watch in horror as our self-inflicted drama unfolds. Meanwhile, the powers responsible for the demise of our beautiful continent - those in politics, almost the entire educational sector, the entire cultural sector as wel as 90 per cent of the media - keep promoting in word and practice the insane ideology of multiculturalism and what is worse, there is a distinct increase in the prosecution of those who do even as much as object to our self-destruction.

These are very bleak times, and worse is to come.


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