Sunday, May 26, 2019


Quite some impressive gains for my party, Vlaams Belang, in the federal, regional and European elections held today in Belgium. In Flanders, Vlaams Belang is now the 2nd biggest party, after N-VA, also nationalist (it can best be described as Vlaams Belang Lite). This graph shows the results for the Kamer, the lower house of the federal parliament:

As you can see, all the traditional parties with the exception of the Greens lose, and Vlaams Belang gains 12.8 per cent. These are results from earlier in the evening, with 91 per cent of the votes counted, but the trend was already irreversible. It was pretty much the same story for the EP and the Flemish regional parliament. It is thus indisputable that the big winner in Flanders, Belgium's Dutch speaking northern part, is the Vlaams Belang.

This major gain was possible per the following factors:

a.) Since about 5 years, VB is being led by young, charismatic Tom Van Grieken. He is somewhat of a disappointment to me in that he's okay with gay marriage (not with gay adoption though) and that, outwardly at least, he has not fully adopted the severe anti-islam stance of Filip Dewinter, VB numero uno in Antwerp. But politics is the art of what is politically attainable, and I relucantly agree that in the pussified, feminized Flanders of today a young, somewhat more moderate image is better for gaining votes - which is what counts in the end - than the image conveyed by tough as nails Dewinter.

b.) The successive supposedly center-right "Michel" governments - Michel I from 2014 till December 2018 and Michel II since then until now, failed to deliver on practically all counts. As you may recall, Michel I ceased to exist when N-VA left the government last December over the Migration Pact in Marrakesh. Until then, N-VA had been in a coalition with Open VLD (Flemish liberals), CD&V ("Flemish" "Christian" "Democrats") and the Walloon MR (francophone liberals). Thereafter, Open-VLD, CD&V and MR continued with the smallest government since WWII. It should be remembered that N-VA truly is a Janus party because, until Vlaams Belang exposed the devastating consequences of the Marrakesh Pact, N-VA was very much okay with that monstrosity. In fact, if Flemings knew the extent to which the N-VA leadership talks one way but acts the other, I am sure VB would have surpassed N-VA.

c.) The giant deception effort by MSM to divert attention away from 'Marrakesh' to the climate change hoax failed. In January, two snotholes, Kyra Gantois and Anuna De Wever, began organizing Save the Earth demos by skipping class every Thursday. In the blink of an eye, the demos morphed into mass movements involving tens of thousands of youths paralyzing Brussels one day a week. Practically all parties, especially the Greens and the socialists, jumped on the bandwagon to make the climate the No. 1 issue, eagerly helped by the media, which in Belgium are leftist to a degree perhaps unsurpassed on the rest of the planet. Anyway, by and large Flemings were not fooled by the synthetic attempt to push migration to the background and punished the traditional parties for participating in the charade.

d.) Last but not least, a growing percentage of Flemings no longer accept the cordon sanitaire against Vlaams Belang. Even large parts of the base in many parties are okay with letting VB participate in government, but the elites still refuse to listen. Even after the clobbering they got today.

While today's elections have shown that Flanders is voting more rightwing than ever, the results south of the linguistic frontier show, sadly, another story. There the Walloons lurch ever more to the left. It is no surprise that with each election cycle, heavily socialist Wallonia is poorer and more miserable than before. They just can't help themselves. Some 14 years ago, when confronted with the naked fact that statistically, every Fleming, from the newborns to the centenarians, pays around 2,000 EUR per year in transfers to the south to keep the corrupt Parti Socialiste state afloat, then Walloon Minister President Jean-Claude Van Cauwenberghe famously exclaimed, "Flanders, give us another ten years!". This after they had launched their own 'Marshall Plan' to turn things around, although I suspect that neither of the PS bigshots actually ever read what was in the real Marshall Plan. Fourteen years have passed since then, and not a single socio-economic parameter in Wallonia has improved. And yet, the Parti Socialiste ('Party of 1,000,000 scandals') remains incontournable in the country's south. Not only that, but its political landscape has also seen the powerful emergence of the neocommunists of the PTB ("Parti du Travail de Belgique", litterally Party for Work in Belgium, although "Work" is, guaranteed, the last thing on the PTB militants' minds) and of Ecolo, the Walloon Greens. Predictably for a region run by our moral betters still using economic recipes with a track record of failure from here to eternity, with every passing year Wallonia lags further and further behind, and gives the impression it wants to remain on Flemish life support forever.

If the perpetual haemorrhaging of welfare money from north to south wouldn't be so tragic, it would be hilarious to read Walloon newspapers, where clueless reporters ask themselves again and again - and these elections are no different - "what Flanders wants".

More info tomorrow, time permitting.


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