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Via The Telegraph, March 22, 2019:

"They wanted to kill as many infidels as possible."
(image via PI-News)

"German police arrested 11 people on Friday accused of having planned an "Islamist terrorist attack" using guns and a vehicle, prosecutors said.

The suspects, whose nationalities were not specified, had plotted to "kill as many 'non-believers' as possible," Frankfurt prosecutors said in a statement.

Some 200 police commandos carried out raids in the states of Hesse and Rhineland-Palatinate.

The chief suspects were two brothers aged 31 from the city of Wiesbaden and a 21-year-old from Offenbach.

They had allegedly made contact with various arms dealers, rented a large vehicle and amassed cash to cover the expenses.

Police were investigating 10 of those detained for terror-financing and criminal conspiracy. They were aged between 20 and 42 and lived in Frankfurt, Offenbach, Wiesbaden and Mainz.

During the raids, police confiscated several knives, more than 20,000 euros (£17,100) in cash, small amounts of drugs and written and electronic documents.

Germany is on the alert following several jihadist attacks in recent years...."

Wiesbaden, Wiesbaden? Where have I heard about Wiesbaden before?? Oh...

... yeah:

Via al-Beeb, March 12, 2019:

"A failed asylum seeker who was arrested by German police in Iraq has gone on trial accused of the rape and murder of a 14-year-old German girl in Wiesbaden.

Ali Bashar, 22, admitted in court that he had strangled Susanna Feldman, but said he did not know how it happened.

The May 2018 killing prompted outrage in Germany and led Chancellor Angela Merkel to call for faster deportation of failed asylum seekers.

The girl's body was found two weeks after she disappeared.

"Everything went black before my eyes, then it all happened," the defendant told the court through an interpreter. "I don't know how it could have happened."

Ali Bashar is also accused of attacking a man in a park and faces a separate trial next week for allegedly raping a girl aged 11..."

He doesn't know how it could have happened...

Might not Trump be involved? You know, with all his hateful rhetoric. Maybe, now that he's got his hands free from the Russia probe, Mueller could start a Tajikistan probe?

Via PI-News, yesterday:

"Von JOHANNES DANIELS | Tadschiken-Dschihad am „No-Future-Friday“ in Deutschland: An den ersten sonnigen Frühlings-Freitagen sind die deutschen Innenstädte gut besucht, von Wirtschaftsflaute keine Spur. So treffen gut gelaunte Shopping-Bummler auf die weltuntergangsselige Schulschwänzer-Sause gegen das Klima. Diese treffen wiederum auf psychisch verwirrte „Fridays-for-Allah“-Auto-Dschihadisten sowie auf Heerscharen von schwer bewaffneten Einsatzkräften, SEK-Sonderkommandos mit Maschinenpistolen und über den Innenstädten kreisenden Polizeihubschraubern. Es rührt sich was in deutschen Fußgängerzonen im Merkeljahr 2019!"


"From Johannes Daniels - Tajik Jihad on "No Future Friday" in Germany: on the first sunny Spring Friday Germany's inner cities are crowded, of worker bees no trace. And so happy shoppers come across throngs of End of Days students skipping class for the climate. And these ones in turn bump into psychologically challenged "Fridays for Allah" car jihadists as well as platoons of heavily armed security forces, SEK-special commandos with machine guns and circling police choppers. Life in German pedestrian areas in Merkel Year 2019 is interesting!"

The article deals with a foiled car jihad in Essen and a massive raid on islamic terror cells in Ulm.

Meanwhile, in the runup to the May European elections, Heiko Maas, formerly Minister of Allowing Groping and Raping and now Minister of Submission to Islamic Countries, extols the virtues of having Open Borders:

The vicious gnome in the centre, in the pleasant company of his overlords, is "Herr" Maas, but I suspect you suspected that.

Here's the transcript of a speech he gave recently (courtesy our pals at Gates of Vienna):

00:00 "At the end of May we will be voting for a new European Parliament.
00:03 Unfortunately some forecasts predict
00:06 that populists and nationalists could win.
00:09 That should set off some alarms for us.
00:12 Right-wing populism is a direct attack on
00:15 the values that we hold dear in our hearts.
00:18 Our liberal democracy, our culture, our prosperity depend on
00:24 open borders and free trade. The enormous challenges of
00:28 climate change, digitisation and migration can’t be solved
00:32 by countries standing alone in Europe.
00:36 Isolation and nationalism are a false path that leads to
00:40 political helplessness.
00:43 Our country has a difficult past. Nevertheless, our parents’
00:47 generation managed to create a modern Germany
00:51 in the heart of Europe. Cosmopolitan with a liberal inner
00:55 essence, and neighbourly, peaceful partner outwardly.
00:59 To maintain and develop this further must be our mission now.
01:05 Yes, the European Union may not be perfect, but it is absolutely
01:11 indispensable. When everywhere in the world we hear:
01:15 “America First”, “Russia First”, or “China First”,
01:18 then our clear answer can only be:
01:21 Europe Untied.
01:24 We must not abandon the field to those who make people frightened
01:28 of Europe. We must speak about reform ideas that strengthen the
01:32 European Union.
01:36 Europe is the answer, not nationalism."

That's it! More Open Borders! More dead Susannas, Mias, Gretchens, more elderly beaten to a pulp, more security services stretched to the limit and beyond, more mini IS calipahtes in Cologne, Hamburg, Berlin, Stuttgart, Muenchen! The solution is so simple!



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