Wednesday, February 27, 2019


Early January, all over Northern Belgolandia aka Flanders, ads by NN (an insurance and investment company). The ad shows a man saying "In 2019 I want to cook more for my husband. And you?"

The guy on the ad is Sam De Bruyn, a well-known gay radio presenter (StuBru, QMusic) and TV personality (a.o. The Voice van Vlaanderen). He married his sweetheart Wannes Libbrecht in July 2014.

A Mercedes ad currently running, promoting the B-class and sporting, aside from the car, a dude in a dress with a child in his neck.

The "Justify nothing" slogan actually betrays the ad guys' acknowledgement that something is fishy about a dude in a dress. Ostensibly this is about trying to sell you a B-Class. And I suppose that, after all, that's even the automaker's main goal. But I don't have the slightest doubt that the ad agency is choke full of warm fuzzy enlightened progressives who take great pleasure in using this as an opportunity to spread their insane, deviant worldviews.

Well, good luck with all that, you fucking idiots with - at best - your pathetically small one child 'families', your being "plus-mamas" and/or "plus-papas", your barren gay "marriages", your flirting with "gender fluidity" or whatever the heck that means. Enjoy your phantasmagorias while you still can. Cause long it won't last. This week we learned that Antwerp is the first major Belgian city where autochtons - the cream white natives, if you still happen to live somewhere on the planet where this word is a novelty - are now officially a minority:

49,9 per cent of Antwerpians can still be said to be 'traditional Flemings'. The rest hails from all over the planet but ESPECIALLY from muslim countries. The former have a fertility rate of about 1.2 child per woman. The latter about 3.5 children per woman. Who, btw, will have her first baby at least ten years earlier than her neurotic Bioflemish counterpart. Count that factor in - you should, really - and muslim fertility is about five times higher than autochton fertility.

Perhaps Mr De Bruyn is still kidding himself that all will be well in the Flanders of tomorrow (even though he himself was in 2013 the victim of gaybashing in Brussel, and I'm willing to bet not at the hands of Roman Catholics).

Perhaps the ad boys think that transvestites and transgenders can coexist happily with the followers of the prophet.

I know it will be very different.


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