Monday, June 05, 2017


Via Conservative Treehouse and American Thinker, watch and shiver: CNN's Becky Anderson, together with British media and a few police officers actually STAGE a fake demo to propagate the myth of the 'good, peace-loving, tolerant, silent muslim majority':

Here's another version of the event, narrated by Mark Dice, who, it appears, was on the scene:

Because videos tend to disappear - especially the ones like this! - I have some stills for you: in the first one, you see how white police officers are leaving the scene... to be replaced by, ah, police officers of 'Asian' origin!!!

 photo white_police_walk_away_London_June2017_zpsx087ejor.jpg

Here the first 'Asian' officer makes his appearance. Wonderful!

 photo asian_officers_appear_Londonjune2017_zpszsmfxbsv.jpg

What do we need now? We need masses of moderate muslims!!! And miracolo, we just found them, all twenty of them:

 photo CNN_fakenews1_zpszc88bpv3.jpg

The woman seen on the back, closest by, is Becky Anderson. But uh-oh, twenty does not look exactly like a crowd, huh? No problem, let's take a shot from another spot up front. Now notice the bearded, bespectacled guy with the green lapels. In the next still, that shot from another direction is the one used by Associated Press, but that don't matter, it's CNN material:

 photo APfakenews_zps7kiacm63.jpg

You see that very same bearded, bespectacled guy prominently left of center, holding a sign "ISIS=ENEMIES OF HUMANITY". Golly, who knew? But you will agree that suddenly it does look a bit, uh, 'crowdier' huh?

The real howler is Becky Anderson's intro: “What we want to show you now viewers, is a wonderful scene. These are Muslim Mums…” Etc etc etc. In the 2011 census held in the Greater London area, muslims numbered 12.4% of the population, translating, at the time, in 1,012,823 individuals. You can be fairly certain that in the six years since, that number has augmented significantly - keep in mind that the UK's muslim population as a whole surpassed 3.5 million in 2016 and by some estimates grows 75 per cent every ten years. Now, all that Becky Anderson could come up with, out of that gigantic mass of London muslims... is a miserable 20 or so followers of the prophet??? In a staged event, no less?? If that is "the best in London's Borough neighborhood" - dixit Associated Press - you might want to reconsider buying that cottage in the Cotswolds for your retirement.

One would be laughing his/her *ss off, if it wasn't so utterly tragic. Fake News, brought to you by... the network that last month refused a President Trump ad on the grounds that they considered it... fake news.

Islam is cancer, no matter what the MSM is trying to sell you, and I keep repeating myself, but as long as we do not understand and fully acknowledge that basic reality, nothing is going to get better, au contraire.


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