Wednesday, May 31, 2017


CBS's Norah O'Donnell, whose face is sick with worry because the US economy is doing swell and that might HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURT people!!!

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Hat tip Newsbusters.

Manchester Police's incompetent asshole of a Chief Constable, Ian Hopkins, happily accepting a Koran. Presumably this was before Salman Abedi ended the lives of 22 Britons, but keep in mind that this foul idiot emphatically stated, post the blowup, that 'hate would not be tolerated'. What hate? Oh, ask Mark Steyn, who nailed it perfectly when he described Hopkins as: "... the nincompoop diversicrat who serves as Chief Constable of Greater Manchester sternly warning that we must not "tolerate hate" - by which he means not the hate of people who shred little girls' bodies with nail bombs but the mean-spirited Tweets of people who get angry at the people who shred little girls' bodies with nail bombs."

 photo ian_hopkins_accepts_koran_zps2leaeqgm.jpg

Look at the stupid grin on that blowhard turd's smug face when he accepts a book FULL of hate. The very same hatred that killed eight year old Saffie-Rose Roussos and 21 others. Hat tip Gates of Vienna.

Kathy Griffin, a 'comedienne', holding up an effigy of Trump's severed head in the way ISIS terrorists hold decapitated heads of their prisoners:

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Actually she's not worth it, but here's some background info.

Sigh. And the week is not even over yet.


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