Friday, May 19, 2017


Via François Desouche:

18 05 2017

"These are several hundreds of square meters of asphalt left to men only, and where women no longer have the right to roam. Cafes, bars and restaurants are forbidden to them. As are the roadsides, the underground and the squares."

 photo chapelle-pajol_zps3prkuny7.jpg

"... For more than a year now, the Chapelle-Pajol quarter (10th - 18th) has completely changed in outlook: groups of tens of men, street vendors, dealers, migrants adn passersby, guard the streets, harassing women.

Revolted, the women living in this neighborhood have decided to launch a petition to denounce the situation. And their days which are more and more constrained. Young girls can no longer walk the streets unaccompanied, nor wear a skirt or pants sitting too tight, without being met with a barrage of insults: one of them speaks of having had a flurry of burning cigarettes thrown in her hair.

"We are all singled out for an insupportable treatment", exclaims Nathalie (50), who has lived in the quarter for thirty years, and describes a climate never witnessed before: "It's being scolded at, it's the incessant insults. There's a lot of anguish, to the point that we have to modify our regular itineraries, our way of clothing. Certain women don't even dare to leave anymore. An 80 year old woman (!) was sexually harassed as she entered her apartment, and since then has locked herself up..."

Luckily, the French just elected a president who is serious about curbing this disturbing trend.


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