Saturday, May 28, 2016


The Bundestag, the German Parliament, is expected to pass a resolution very soon acknowledging that the massacre of the Armenians in the Ottoman Empire during World War I was a genocide.

Germany's turks are not pleased with that.

Via PI-News, Saturday 28 May, 2016:

 photo turkish_demo_berlin_2016_zpsqvahnz9j.jpg

"Under the leadership of Berlin's Turkish community over 500 organizations have gathered together [for the demo in Berlin - MFBB], a broad spectre, from the opposition party CHP over the German AKP branch to the right radical Grey Wolves [an oxymoron, these guys are as much "right radical" as my aunt R.], from islamist groups over DITIB mosques to secular Kemalists.

As fragmented as these groups with regards to other issues, in the protest against the Armenian Resolution they find each other: "Over 90 per cent of the Turkish population is rightfully denouncing the idea of the [allegation of] the genocide and judges it to be slander", says a letter, to be sent from the Turkish community to the (parliamentarian) fractions. If the Bundestag (parliament) would ratify the Armenian Genocide resolution this would be "poison for the peaceful coexistence between Germans and Turks in Germany itself, but also in Turkey".

The Armenian Genocide is a historical fact. Ottoman Turkey in 1915 massacred around 1,500,000 Armenians - and we are not even talking about what would happen to the Greek community seven years later. That today's Turks cannot come to terms with reality speaks bookmarks about the sheer and utter incompatibility of the vile islamic "culture" in advanced democratic societies.

Note also that the demo encompasses 500 (!) turkish organizations. If that isn't a fifth column, I don't know what is.

More on the demo in the following video. Notice also the demo's leader, Bekir Yilmaz, president of the Turkish community in Berlin.

Mr Yilmaz is also known for threatening that if demos don't work, they can also make themselves heard in other ways.

Mr Yilmaz is a member of the SPD, the Socialist Party, which may come as a surprise to you. Not.

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Turkish muslim bastards... confess your horrible crimes.


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