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In 2015, 21-year old hairdresser Skelte Willems was crowned Mr Gay Flanders...

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... an event our progressive "elites" deemed so important that even our Prime Minister, Charles Michel, attended. See photo. To rule out all doubts, the prime minister is the bald, bespectacled guy. Mr Gay Flanders Skelte Willems is the dude with the haircliff. Anyway, Progress!!!

Now fast forward to 2016. Progress indeed. Via Het Laatste Nieuws Online:

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"Skelte Willems (21), who last year was crowned Mr Gay Flanders, was attacked over the previous weekend by four youths in Antwerp, the young man himself recounted on Facebook. Around 2:30am on Saturday night, Willems was heading home after his (side)job in a restaurant when the group of youths started harassing him. "They called me names I did not understand and there was some pushing and pulling", says the 20-year old in Het Nieuwsblad. The attackers threw a glass bottle to the young man, which luckily for him missed him and fell to the ground. The man from Aarschot did receive a heavy flow from a blunt object to the head. Two boys intervened after Willems started calling for help, whereupon the attackers fled. "I don't want to think what would have happened if those two boys had not come to the rescue", says the twenty-one year old on Facebook.

According to Willems this was no case of gay bashing. "I did not wear clothes hinting at the fact that I'm gay. Besides, I never had problems with that", says the young man. "It's a pity to have to be treated this way in the city where I definitely wanted to live", he concluded. The incident left Willems with a head wound. He reported it to the police."

Some remarks.

a.) When I read that Willems had been attacked in Antwerp, I knew right away that the "youths" in question were muslims. More than half of Antwerp's youths are already of foreign origin, the overwhelming majority of them either Moroccan or Turkish. Besides, there's the fact that HLN limits itself to describing the youths as, ah, "youths". Had they been autochton, we would definitely have gotten an identification. We didn't, ergo. Last but not least, Willems "did not understand the names they were calling him". Now, it's just possible that these four attackers were run of the mill Westvloamingen from Bachten de Kupe. One can sympathize. But maybe, just maybe, it could also be because Willems doesn't know what 'faggot' means in Anatolian parlance or 'Knight of the Brown Avenue' in Marrakesh. Take your pri, uh, pick.

b.) The cognitive dissonance of our sympathetic Mr Gay Flanders is as breathtaking as it is predictable. No no no, he wasn't beaten because he acted gay or wore gay clothing. He was just... beaten, you know. Just like that. It's only normal. Happens all the time. Helpfully he adds: "Besides, I never had problems with that." No of course not, smartass. I bet you wear gay clothes in the appropriate environment, where you won't meet said "youths". I bet that subconciously you know all too well why not to wear them near the local mosque.

c.) This is the year 2016. We are fast becoming a minority in our own country. Antwerp's authochton youths already are, in their age group. As our politicians (the PM up front, as we have seen), the media, the educational and cultural estabishment et al are touting the many virtues of the gay lifestyle - and with every passing year with more fervour - our fertility rates are hitting rock bottom. The official number for Flanders is 1.3 or so but I would wager that among autochtons it's closer to 1 child per couple, since in the number 1.3... the fertility factor of the 17 or so per cent "Flemings" of foreign origin is included.

We are committing suicide.


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