Saturday, November 21, 2015


Since 2 am Saturday morning, Brussels is in a heightened state of alert. State Security "has indications that an attack was planned with guns and explosives". PM Charles Michel has stated that "the threat is grave and very close". The Threat Level is at 4, the highest one. The Brussels metro does not function. Army and police patrol in the city.

 photo Brussels_lockdown1_zps4p6c4gxn.jpg

 photo Brussels_lockdown2_zpsgwwsxkm0.jpg

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For decades the Vlaams Belang has warned of the grave dangers imposed by unchecked immigration and especially from muslim countries.

It's only reward was a "cordon sanitaire", a barrage of insults, anti-racism laws, lawsuits, intimidation campaigns, vandalization of property of its members and party infrastructure, the blocking of ads, exclusion of VB publications on the yearly Boekenbeurs (the national Book Fair), and severe restrictions on the appearance of VB politicians on state-controlled TV stations.

Today, the chickens have come home to roost.



Dymphna said...

i'm going to post this, asking readers to look at your pictures.

Dymphna said...

Boy, going back through our Vlaams Belang files brought back some's the result:

If you want an interesting trip down memory lane enter this search string in Google:

vlaams belang

(notice there are only two spaces in that format. From the word 'site (including the colon) there are no spaces)

When we went to WordPress the demons and zombies found all sorts of back entrances into our site, quickly shutting us down. One such hole was the search function on the top of the home page. We took that down and use Google instead; I think their algorithm is more sophisticated anyway.

My heavens times have darkened in the intervening eight years.

Michael said...

Hi Dymphna, good to hear from you.

Yes, interesting huh going back over the years? Oh, I could make some nice posts. With photos featuring Dewinter holding a rally before the Brussels WTC to commemmorate 9/11 a couple of years back, and then add a photo of these same building which are now used to... house "Syrian" "refugees".

I have a sister who lives in Brussels. All Brussels schools are closed tomorrow.

I suppose there's a rather sizeable part of Brussels' schoolchildren who will find it all very convenient (wink).

Wanted to do a post but it's awfully late, I'm dead tired, and frankly, like Mark Steyn wrote last week, I'm totally islamed out. I cannot hear the words 'islam' or 'muslim' anymore. At least for the moment.

Bye Dymphna, thx for checking in, don't forget to say the Baron goodbye!

Dymphna said...

I'd love to see the before and after photos. We have some of the odious police taking him and van hecke...

this is a sad story: