Monday, August 17, 2015


The State Television's news service, De Redactie, was overjoyed today to let us know hundreds of asylum seekers were waiting in line since the small hours before the offices of the Dienst Vreemdelingenzaken, that's "Office for Refugees/Foreigners" for you:

 photo asiel2015_zpsfdvsfbkq.jpg

Spot the hottie fourth, erm, fifth, from the left. My oh my, those legs!

There was an accompanying video and it is my great pleasure to offer you some snapshots taken from the part where the interviewer starts asking them hapless noble souls where they come from. Here goes:

 photo asiel_syria_zpsrzhnvjtm.jpg


 photo asiel_somalie_zpsgi1nyvli.jpg


 photo asiel_irak_zpsrpwsfqlp.jpg

"We come from Iraq."

 photo asiel_irak2_zpshtyrqsfq.jpg


 photo asiel_irak3_zpslyhuahke.jpg

This joker wins the Outlaw Mike Award for Originality 2015: "I want to let my family come over from Iraq". Sure! We can't wait for them to arrive!

 photo asiel_afghanistan_zps6unouyxi.jpg

"Afghanistan." Wonderful! With a little luck, there's a Hindu Kush Elon Musk hiding behind this noble façade.

What do all these guys have in common huh? Red Sox fans? Guardian readers? (maybe!!!) Amy Schumer fans? Formula 1 pilots?

I will tell you: they ALL come from muslim countries, thereby confirming what every person with half a brain knows: islam as a societal model is a CATASTROPHIC FAILURE.

We import these bozos, we import their pathological lifestyle and its ramifications for OUR society. By doing so, we are sowing the seeds for harvesting, in the near future, the same godawful mess that caused these 1 digit IQ idiots to flee in the first place.


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