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Leftist rag De Standaard is happy to inform us about the following:

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"The government of the French-speaking community in Belgium (I know, difficult to explain to a foreigner) has given the green light to ECIB (Enseignement Confessionnel Islamique de Belgique), a muslim non-profit, to start from September on on the premises of the subsidized islamic school La Vertu [The Virtue; MFBB] with a high school, writes the daily La Libre Belgique on Thursday. According to La Libre Belgique it's a first in Belgium.

In a first phase there will be 120 places for students of the 1st en 2nd year. The aim is to create a second (3rd and 4th year) and third grade (5th and 6th year). This would amount to a total of 660 places. At this moment 90 students have enlisted already."

According to Joelle Milquet, Walloon Minister for Education, the La Vertu school has given evidence of its openness towards other faiths.

About one month ago police raided Milquet's private home because in all likelihood she had given orders to 8 members of her ministry to help her in last year's elections. The 8 people involved, all of them of foreign origin, would have helped to organize festivities and events in immigrant Moroccan, Congolese and Turkish communities, events where Milquet then presented herself. In a normal country the deployment of staff, normally supposed to be engaged in purely professional matters, for political campaigns in support of the minister in question, would lead to the instant dismissal of said minister.

But Belgium is no normal country. Count on Joelle Milquet to keep her "job".

We have met this bitch before. Two years ago, when she was Interior Minister in the catastrophic Elio di Rupo government. Below you see a period photo when she posed with a radical imam, Iliass Azaouai, who, btw, would in the meantime have been killed in Syria:

And currently this horrible woman, now on another ministerial post where she can do tremendous damage, assures us that the soon-to-be islamic high school La Vertu "has given evidence of openness towards other faiths". Yeah right.

I am not an Education Minister, but I trust that my judgment is far more sound than Madame Non's. La Vertu High School will be the first in a long series of muslim-only schools, a development that will only speed up the process of segregation and the creation of a parallel state in the state. A parallel state that will ever more brazenly show it's inherent hostility vis-à-vis its host.

Apart from that, no one should fool himself that the "students" this school will deliver will be in any way prepared for either the job market or college/university. They have tried it in The Netherlands - with catastrophic results, see the failed experiment with the Ibn Ghaldoun islamic high school:

"The Ibn Ghaldoun school in Rotterdam has been declared bankrupt. The Court in Rotterdam declared the bankruptcy on Tuesday.

The Islamic secondary school drew media attention this summer when 27 exam papers were stolen.

In addition, it emerged from inspection that the quality of education had been poor for years. There were also administrative and financial problems.

State Secretary for Education Sander Dekker (VVD) announced last month in response to the findings of the inspection that state financing would stop as of 1 November. Shortly after, the school filed for bankruptcy.

The more than six hundred pupils of the school can for the time being be accommodated by the Christian association Melanchthon. They will be taught at the current location as a temporary branch of the school association. There will however be completely new teaching staff.

(Note from translator below)

What is more disturbing is that apparently the authorities had been tipped off about grade and exam fraud at the school in April, 2 months before it came out about the exam papers being stolen, and did nothing. They are now claiming that it was because they had planned an inspection anyway. There will be an enquiry, but you can be certain the excuses will come thick and fast. Should point out the seriousness of the exam paper theft – all schools thoughout the country get the same exams. The papers had been stolen, so in theory every kid in the country could have known the questions in advance. The authorities had to do some serious damage management.

The NRC newspaper has a copy of the letter sent by an anonymous teacher in April to complain about the school.

It turned out that teachers has been fiddling with the grades, letting kids go on to the next year they should have stayd behind. Apparently the school’s true academic results were shocking."

Courtesy translation from NRC: Vladtepesblog.


... am beginning to understand - far, far too late, granted - that our prime enemy is not islam.

It's our own insane and coward politicians.

They should receive a just punishment.


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