Sunday, April 19, 2015


Actually, that day was Sunday, April 12, but posting our England pics came first. Well, Spring has definitely arrived, and as per usual I answer the call of the Ardennes.

Julien Van Remoortere has written a gazillion of walking guides covering the entire country, and I've got several. For this walk, I picked a simple, not very demanding one around an area covering the village of Beausaint and the town of La Roche. I started in Beausaint. The village doesn't offer that much, but upon letting the last houses behind me, I thought this panorama was worth a pic. I suppose the gash in the hills over there is a quarry.

 photo LaRoche1_zpsvmlcitgm.jpg

If memory serves, if I'd keep walking this track I would arrive after some four or five kloms in the village of Halleux - walked there two years ago. However - I'm actually at a crossroads here - I took a track to the left.

 photo LaRoche2_zpszmbbgamm.jpg

Coming across a small stream, the Ri de Bronze. View downstream...

 photo LaRoche3_RideBronze_zpsmh2cxvn9.jpg

And upstream...

 photo LaRoche4_RideBronze_zps9xyhcrcl.jpg

Walking further down a wooded valley which would eventually lead me to the centre of La Roche. The cyclists in the distance are but two of around five I saw during the walk. What the heck are people doing these days when the weather is glorious?

 photo LaRoche5RideBronze_zpsc5rqmu15.jpg

The centre of La Roche, with the ruins of its feudal castle:

 photo LaRoche6_zpstmp8rz12.jpg

And if you want to know what the area looks like from its ramparts, follow this link.

After climbing Corumont, a 390 m high hill/ridge outside La Roche, I came upon this nice view. The village over there is Cielle. Pic taken from a spot where parapentes launch.

 photo LaRoche7_zpsdycg7dc1.jpg

View of the same valley a little bit further. If you follow this valley you arrive in the village of Marcourt, where, if you climb the hill flank opposite the village, you are rewarded with a magnificent view from the Saint Thibaut Chapel.

 photo LaRoche8_zpstssvliob.jpg

Almost back in Beausaint. In that copse of wood over there, there's a cross on a concrete pedestal.

 photo LaRoche9_zpsarcgrw4n.jpg



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