Sunday, March 29, 2015


Great news from Small Britain, courtesy the Left and their Wonderful Multicultural Society. The Daily Mail reports:

"A young mother moved into her new home to find it daubed in racist graffiti and a threatening note put through to door saying the flat block was for 'black sisters and brothers'.
Sammie Sunter, 24, was taking her sons, aged two and five, to see their new home in Willenhall, Coventry, for the first time on Monday when they found the front door smeared in anti-vandal paint.

It was also covered in vile graffiti and faeces, while a racist note stating 'Willenhall is black so f*** off' was posted through the letterbox.

The note had been put inside an envelope marked 'Message inside oyinbo b****' - Nigerian slang for a white person, while another message inside read: 'Black power. Don't stay too long or else...'.

The hairdresser was handed the keys from housing association, Whitefriars, last Wednesday and spent the rest of the week decorating the boys' bedrooms.

She left the flat at 4pm on Sunday and returned with two-year-old Harvey and five-year-old Oscar, at 9am on Monday morning to see her house had been targeted.

 photo sunter_willenhall_zpsdbdmuvba.jpg

Ms Sunter said: ' I had to explain racism to my five-year-old. It's just not acceptable. He didn't really understand. If we are equal what gives the person responsible the right to do that?

The door had been covered in black anti-vandal paint and smeared in faeces when Ms Sunter arrived at their new home with her two boys. 'I told him that whoever was responsible was going to get punished, but who knows if that will happen.'

The mother-of-two, who is due to be re-housed following the incident, has lived in Willenhall for 15 years and said she has never experienced anything like this before.
'These people make Willenhall out to be some sort of ghetto,' Sammie said. 'They say it's their area but it's really not - there's a little old white man living in the flat below.
'The whole point of this is that it's not right. I'm not going to sit there and take it.

'I had to have a police escort away from my property and I knew I was being watched. You hold your head up high but it's disgusting.' When she called the housing association she was told that there had been a 'previous incident' at the address."

Next time vote UKIP ma'am.


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