Saturday, January 03, 2015


In the wake of Chancellor Merkel's disgusting comments regarding PEGIDA, denouncing them as people "with hearts full of hate", I have the pleasure of posting here a video, per our friends at Gates of Vienna, of Mr Ulfkotte offering sixteen good arguments for Germans to join PEGIDA's street marches against the islamization of the Vaterland.

It is clear that Germany's bien pensants have tuned their radar on PEGIDA. Unfortunately, even the Church Establishment has chosen to parrot Madam Merkel's outrageous vilification. In Cologne, the clergy haved decided to turn out the lights of the famous Cologne Cathedral in protest against a PEGIDA march in that city. It is a sign of the times that these false priests care more - far more, actually - about the "wellbeing" of their "fellow" muslims than about those of their own faith who, literally EVERYWHERE where muslims rule, are being harassed, discriminated, tortured and even killed EACH AND EVERY DAY, making Christianity the most persecuted religion of the planet. SHAME to the Cologne clergy!


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Keir said...

I'm supposed to protest against Pegida according to Merkel in support of a far-right ideology that considers half the population unworthy of self-actualisation, supports brutal forms of punishment, and stands for everything post-Enlightenment Europe has stood for? This from a woman who was born and raised and lived half her life in the DDR with no experience of multiculturalism, and whose workplace shows no involvement with Muslims and whose neighbourhood is too posh to have anyone other than her own milieu. I want some say in who is allowed into our country; to be denied it as she does is fascist.